AHHH! Da*)&*!!!!!!!!

Remember this post. You know I was soooo excited to find the right buttons, particularly since my local sources now are JoAnn's and Walmart. I completed the buttonholes yesterday, I finished hemming every thing this AM so the last hand sewing to do was the buttons.

The buttons come two to a card. I sewed on the first two, reached for the second pack, and pulled one button off. I then picked up needle and thread, put the first stitch in and then turned button over to pass the needle and thread through the shank. At this point I think, wow the underside of this button is really red, not like the other two. I turned it over and yes that button is simply a pretty red button but does not match the other two at all. I look at the other button left on the card and yes that is a pretty red button but does not match the first two.

I look at the card and it has the same batch number or button number as the first two. Everything is exactly alike on each button card. The buttons are not though.

I was so angry, upset, disappointed and wanted to yell. I couldn't believe that I did not notice this while at the store. AHHHHH!!!!
I want this jacket done, finished, complete. And yes I bought the only two cards of buttons left when I bought these a week ago. So, tomorrow I will go to the other JoAnn's in town and see if I can find something suitable or hopefully to match the first two! Geez.


  1. Noooooo, nooooo don't give up! Mismatch them! It will be a design statement. Do you have a third red button...then you can do the top button and the bottom button the same and the two in the middle different, or you can alternate them! This is NOT a disaster ~ it is a design challenge! :)

  2. I understand your pain. Maybe you'll find another perfect set of red buttons or you can follow Carolyn's excellent idea, so don't give up!


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