Moving on

I use to be one of these sewist that I could not start another project unless I had completed the one I was working on. I finally got myself past this point when I began doing some wearable art clothing in the 90's and some ladies commissioned me to make jackets for them. I found then I had to be able to do some multi-tasking.

I still sometimes revert back to this way of operating in my sewing room. With the button fiasco, I immediately said to myself, move onto the skirt. I also have some embroidering and sewing I want to do for Christmas gifts and the like.

I sewed the darts in the skirt and will continue with completing this so I can have a new jacket and skirt to wear soon. Skirts are usually easy projects and hopefully no surprises with this one.


  1. I am very good at starting something new when things aren't working out how I like. Hope you get the matching buttons!


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