Can't seem to get myself into the sewing room to sew.

I did take time to find some buttons on Monday for the jacket. Not many choices or places to look for them locally. I did not have 45 minutes to travel to Floyd and another 45 to get back. Lunch time is just not that long.

I also purchased an invisible zipper for my skirt as I did not have any shades of red zippers in stash. Briefly glanced at some fabric as I strolled through JoAnn's but nothing screamed at me to buy it or even look closer. I miss Hancock's fabrics, they just always had a better selection.

Online buying is fun and fabric usually turns out like you expected; sometimes better. But the ability to walk through a fabric store, truly sense the fabric-touch and smell- is so devine.


  1. I know how you feel! I was out by Towers recently and wanted to go to Hancocks and it was so sad to think they are not there. Some one told me that Franklin Road JoAnn's is closing real soon. Have you heard this. Like within weeks.

  2. Oh My God! I so want to be at home right now sewing my heart out.


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