Diva Cordmaker

I meant to post about a notion I bought a couple of months ago. I have made a few trims using yarns and ribbons. Many of you knit in addition to sewing. I have never ever been successful at knitting and decided I really don't want to knit. I do love what many of you who knit make. But I am hopeless.

For me this is my knitting. I do use lots of yarns, acquired them for felting as well. Here is a photo of the Diva Cordmaker. I purchased mine locally but learned about it at http://www.joggles.com/. They sell them at that site along with yarns and such to make trim. They have a tutorial on their site as well.

The trim in the photo is one of several trims I have made. This one I am playing around with to make trim for my Chanel jacket.


  1. OMG, I have never heard or seen this before,,, thanks for sharing


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