Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to wish all who visit here a Happy Thanksgiving!

I have truly been thankful to all who have visited and provided comments, asked questions and given sewing and fashion advice. I feel like I have acquired a lot of new internet friends, making my world a lot bigger than the city in which I live.

I am most thankful to Lisa Laree and Liana who were the "triggers" that got me into blogging, whether they know it or not. There was a thread on the Pattern Review Message Board about blogging. Both of these ladies were kind enough to share information with those of us who had enquiry minds about blogging. Thank you both.

Back to Thanksgiving dinner cooking and hopefully eating soon. The smells are making me so hungry! Enjoy the day! Thank you for visiting and reading my blog and I look forward to future contact.


  1. Hi Linda! I am new to blogging world, I do not have a blog site myself. I am working on it. I live near Charlottesville Va. I found your blog site through Autum Hall's site & bagaholics. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I love your work and ideas. I wanted to email you, sorry for such a long blog comment. However, I used to visit Roanoke all the time (for work) I absolutely loved the area and love your work! Thank you and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Molly Adams email: fashionpassion2u@aol.com


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