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Penny Pinnafore Pattern

I acquired this pattern sometime ago.  After making the decision to use the EOS fabric-solid royal blue with striped floral print-I wanted to be able to showcase the two fabrics.  Looking through various Vogue, Butterick and Simplicity patterns, I thought about some indie patterns I had ordered and downloaded. 

I printed out all pattern pieces and then taped the pieces together.  That is time consuming but the pattern draft seems good.  The pattern instructions include a pictorial tutorial (say that three times fast) for those who may need additional help in sewing the pattern and there is a condensed version for those who have more experience.  The pattern is rated intermediate.

After printing and taping, I took Swedish tracing paper and traced what I consider to be my sizes from the measurements included.  You use your high bust measurement to determine the bust size and can easily transition from one size to the next if you find you fall between sizes, which I do.

The pattern lines…

M6887 passes its test!

I wore the McCall's dress yesterday to work and for late evening meeting.  The dress passed the wearability test with flying colors.
Of course here are the semi side and side views

I decided to go beltless as my waist does not exist and I am used to not wearing belts.  The print is very busy so the dress looks more like a sheath style dress.

I can see me making another dress from this pattern, using blocking and piping.  With all fitting adjustments made, it should be an easier dress to make the next time.

I do now realize what I did with the sleeves was not exactly what I should have done.  It was not a huge wearing issue yesterday.

Up next--still to be decided.

Sew What's Next?

I made my final tweak to the dress last night and it is ready to wear Thursday.  The sleeves still pull a little bit and I think that has to do with the adjustment to the shoulder and maybe I did not need to alter the sleeves as much as I thought.  It is wearable and I can quit obsessing about it and move on.

I have a lot of fabric and a lot of patterns making it hard for me right now to pick one.  After making this recent garment I want something easy peasy!  I have washed a few fabrics to get them ready for sewing whenever I decide what they will be.

I want to make the red denim jacket and that is ready to go; not going to be an easy sew so keep putting it off.  I have been browsing blogs for inspiration, as well reading each morning while having breakfast Pattern Review reviews.

I have decided that I am going to use a blue colorway as my DH pointed out to me that I have been on a kick to sew lavendar/purple shades of late.  He is right.  So these two fabrics will be my next project…

Sneak Peek

Friday evening we had a terrible storm to come through our area right about the time I got home from the grocery store after work.  Lots of lightening and wind causing us to lose power until early Saturday AM.  So my plans to work on the final things left to do with the current dress in progress was postponed until late Saturday evening.  I finally finished the dress today and I have one tweak to make.

I did not get all "gussied" up for the photos so excuse the cropping.
I did a lot of the lining attachments using the sewing machine and less by hand.  I will show more details of that in a later post.  I don't wear many dresses with waist lines as mine as expanded over the years and lately I have been reading or viewing articles about wearing belts, who should or shouldn't and wide or narrow.  For petite (short) person with hardly a waist. a narrow belt is recommended.

For me being petite, I am still rather long waisted and with the FBA I made it helped by moving the…

McCall's Dress progress

I have made lots of progress with the dress and hope to finish it this evening.  I thought I would share what I have achieved yesterday and this morning.

After basting the dress fabric side seams for fitting purposes, this was after inserting the zipper, I discovered I needed to take up some of the upper back width and was able to do this at the back princess seams.
I then had to adjust the back/side back and front/side front by changing from 5/8 to 3/8 at waist.
When you stitch the vertical seams first, adjustments like this are easier to do.

I learned something new recently about attaching a dress lining to the dress fabric by stitching the lining to the zipper first, then attach to the neckline. It is always a learning experience when reading other's blogs.  Sigrid posted about this method on one of her recent posts. I printed out how to do this from Amy at Sewaholic's website.

You can see from these photos how attractive this looks when completed.

I have used a similar me…


I spent two days traveling for work this week.  I had hoped that I could visit the Hancock store while there. It just did not happen.

I did do a few small things this AM in my sewing room before going into the office; preparing the invisible zipper and marking the fabric for aligning the zipper.  Small thing and necessary.

Tomorrow I travel again, only a short one day trip.  There is a fabric store in that area also and one I have not been to recently, so maybe I can get in a quick visit.

I did order two new patterns, one is a dolman sleeve knit top from Jalie and the other is a pleated peplum top from an indie pattern company call Lolita's patterns.  Once I finish the dress, I am going to whip up a couple of quick knit tops.

I did wash the red stretch denim fabric and will wash it one or two more times to help the denim from bleeding onto sewing machine and hands while sewing.  I have a Kwik Sew pattern I will probably use to make this, though I have been looking at other patter…

Back to work and less sewing

I returned to work this past week after a nice staycation.  It was a long work week as expected with playing catch up, working toward some deadlines, and ending the week with a nice celebration of achievement.

As to sewing, there was a few brief moments.  I did turn up the hem on the McCall's skirt that I completed the previous week.and will sew that later this weekend.  I completed the lining for McCall's 6887 dress.
I used that for fitting after basting the side seams and pinning in the zipper.

There were a few tweaks needed.  I removed stitches from the front bodice right below the bust and through the waist and tummy area.  Restitched  that area using 3/8 seam allowance.  This provided a nicer fit.  I may have to reduce the side seams from above the waist through the hip area from 5/8 to 3/8 and will do that after I make adjustments to the dress fabric and fit again.

Updates to follow!  I hope your sewing weekend is going well.

It's beginning to look

like a new floral print dress.

Since my last post I have made quite a bit of progress.  Completed all the pattern adjustments, cut out the fabric and lining, and started some sewing early this AM.  I took the following photos and then had a brief window of time to complete the lining for the front of the dress. 

Hopefully will find time during the week to sew in short spurts as I know being away from office for a week will have a lot of challenges for me when I return.  I did enjoy my time off and have a glimpse of what retirement might look like!!!


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