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Friday evening we had a terrible storm to come through our area right about the time I got home from the grocery store after work.  Lots of lightening and wind causing us to lose power until early Saturday AM.  So my plans to work on the final things left to do with the current dress in progress was postponed until late Saturday evening.  I finally finished the dress today and I have one tweak to make.

I did not get all "gussied" up for the photos so excuse the cropping.
Front view
Side view
Front view with belt
I did a lot of the lining attachments using the sewing machine and less by hand.  I will show more details of that in a later post.  I don't wear many dresses with waist lines as mine as expanded over the years and lately I have been reading or viewing articles about wearing belts, who should or shouldn't and wide or narrow.  For petite (short) person with hardly a waist. a narrow belt is recommended.

For me being petite, I am still rather long waisted and with the FBA I made it helped by moving the waist line where mine is (or should be).  With 20/20 hindsight, adding piping would probably have given some vertical lines which would help make the dress look slimmer on me and break up some of the floral print.

McCall's patterns are usually too wide for me in the shoulder area and this was not exception.  In an earlier post I wrote about taking a deeper back seam in the upper back.  After shortening the shoulder length by 3/8 and sewing 5/8 seams the back now feels a little too tight so I plan to redo that back seams to give me a little more width in the back as when I raise or move my arms it now feels to tight.

I have to admit I will have to get use to the waist line as I normally wear sheath style dresses.  Because this dress is rather busy due to the print, I don't think that people will notice to much about all the seams and that waist line seam.

I plan to wear the dress later this week for and will update photos then.

Not sure what's next but my list is long!


  1. New here, but I love the dress. And, taking photos can be such a pain. How do they take those selfies and they look so good?

    1. I have not tackled the selfie thing at all. I always look so dorky. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Your dress looks lovely.....I've been admiring that fabric since you first posted a pic of it :-)

    1. Thanks, Patty. Photos of the fabric do not do it justice.

  3. Pretty fabric and the fit looks perfect.

    1. Thanks, Vicki. I made my final tweak this evening and that is all I am going to now and wear it!


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