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Dreaming of a sewing weekend

I have made all the adjustments I am going to make to the green dress and will post photos this weekend.

I will be participating in Faye's top sew along; I worked on getting my fabrics and patterns all matched up.  I am also planning to make a few skirts over the next few weeks and with Easter holiday will have some extra sewing time.

This week has been a little up and down emotionally.  My Administrative Assistant for the past 8+ years is retiring today.  I am truly sad about this; yet I am happy for her that she is able to do this.  She and her husband have travel plans for the next several months.  Actually I am pretty jealous about that!!!!  I just hate goodbyes and especially losing one of the best assistants I have had in years.

I have also been suffering with some neck/shoulder pain.  It is amazing how when you are in pain, it becomes a focal point at times.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor who is now prescribing PT; visited the PT and scheduled my first appoin…

Time flying by

I was surprised to see I had not posted anything since last Sunday-March 18.

I spent last week working, working, working.  I traveled to Richmond Wednesday evening and allowed enough time to visit Nordstrom's to buy some new shoes.  I ended up buying three pairs-2 Vince Camuto and 1 Toms.
The VC were open toed pumps in black patent and blush faux snake skin.  The Toms were black ballet flats.  I loved the service I got in the shoe department.  The sales person brought out about 7 different pairs of shoes for me to try and would go back and get something else for me.  I fell in love with Nordstrom's many years ago.  When you don't have such a store, you truly appreciate visiting one when you can.

On my way out of town, I stopped at Hancock's and picked up a few yards of fabric that were on sale. One was a beautiful red silk dupioni, the other was a gray linen look polyester.  I took photos of the two fabrics using a new camera I just purchased on Saturday. I will post l…

I nailed it!

Sometimes the best solution to a sewing problem is to walk away from it for awhile. Having done that and busied myself with something else, allowed me to go back to the sewing room and fix the issue. 

I needed to readjust the pleats.  By doing so I was able to line up the waistline seams and to get the invisible zipper inserted correctly.  Here is a shot of this.  This was taken right after sewing the zipper so the pleat that was removed and others readjusted had not been fully pressed.

This looks a little washed out from closeness of fabric and flash.  My camera battery is not staying charged as it should.  DH says I should get a new camera; I think he is right.  This has been a good one but about 6+ years old.

This time in sewing a dress with a side invisible zipper; I sewed it my way not the way the instructions have you sew it.  I followed the pattern instructions before with the black and red dress.  The instructions for this dress were the same and it is too difficult to inser…

Side zippers and pleats

Butterick 5672 has a new set of challenges.  Installing a side zipper over several pleats is proving to be somewhat difficult.  I am thinking I may move the zipper to the other side.  I am having a heck of a time trying to line up the waist line at front and back.  I have removed the zipper twice, tried to redo the pleats and find myself getting more and more frustrated.

Decided to take a break from this.  Putting the zipper in on the other side is look more and more like a better option.  Once this step is complete, then I only need to attach the lining, insert sleeves and hem.

Faye asked if I will show my Style Arc patterns.  Yes, I will.  They are all tops, though one can be a dress or top as well.

UPS and USPS delivers

I received my Style Arc patterns earlier this week.  I am excited to give them a try.  I just hope that I picked the right size.  Since they are not multi-sized, I went with what I thought would be the right size.  I have read several reviews of these patterns and decided that I would buy what I would buy in ready to wear.  My body is all over the place when it comes to sizing and I am petite also which makes lengthwise adjustments necessary also.

I also ordered from Sew Baby the My Image pattern magazine for spring/summer and that arrived the same day as well.  I have posted a note on my computer saying "No more patterns for three months".  I really have more than enough and really need to list some for others who may have a need/desire for some that I have that I know will never get made.

Yesterday the postman delivered the Spring 2012 Vogue Fabric swatches.  There are numerous fabrics in this one that I am truly drooling over.  I see something of those arriving to my hous…


Here is a shot of the dress with the pleats and bust dart basted in.  As you can see the pleats somewhat droop.  Of course neither side has been sewn to back piece.  Whether this will make much difference I am not sure.  Will see.

I am thinking of stitching the pleating stitch longer; i.e., stitching more toward the center front.  Or stitching down the pleats.  Your thoughts please.

Here is a shot of the lining, not much you can do to make that exciting.....

Sewing continues

I have made good progress on the dress.  The lining is complete and only a few adjustments necessary for that.  The front unit of the dress is basically complete.  I basted in the pleats to get an idea of how the pleats were going to behave.  I think I will end up stitching down the pleats partially.  I am not sure that the pleats on my dress will droop more than I would prefer or how they appear in the drawing on the pattern envelope.

The model wearing the print dress does not truly allow one to see the actual pleats.  Next up is to sew the back bodice to skirt and then I will baste side seams to get the full idea of this is going to look.

The lining adjustments only required taking a 1/2 inch seam from waist to hip and then about midway from hip to hem, I used 5/8 seam allowance.  I also had to reduced the length of the waist darts and lengthen the side darts.  On the fabric front piece I kept the side darts as they were.

More later.

And sew it begins....

I have actually sewed some this week.  I took some time yesterday to start on the lining for the new dress in the line up.  I am starting with the lining to make fit adjustments , if necessary and then transfer those over to the actual dress pattern.

I was happy to find that I had the perfect green invisible zipper to go with this dress. Thread is a go also not only for the dress but the lining as well.  The lining is a pale yellow tricot as there was not source that I could find for green tricot.  There are probably sources for this but tricot is not something I sew very much at all.  I am not sure that I have actually ever sewn it.  So far so good.

I will give you an update later.

Recent pattern purchases

I am a patternaholic.  I purchased several patterns during the recent Club BMV sale.  Last night I broke down and purchased three Style Arc patterns; they are offering a free pattern with pattern purchase.  I am not sure if I bought the right size or not, I guess we will find out.

Here are the BMV patterns purchased and arrived in my mailbox last week.  The first one is a McCall's jacket pattern-6294
The one below is Vogue 1284
 This is a Sandra Betzing Today Pattern-Vogue 1291
The one above is Vogue 8787 and the one below is 8799

I will post Style Arc patterns later.  I am off to set up serger and sewing machine for the next Butterick dress.

Work in progress

I have finished the patten adjustments for Butterick 5672.  I cut out the lining fabric before fixing breakfast for DH and me.  Heading back to sewing room soon to cut out the fabric.  I am using a green double knit purchased from Marcy Tilton.  Lining is a tricot purchased from; both acquired in 2011. 

More updates later.

Gorgeous Fabrics 2-2012

Gorgeous Fabrics 2-2012, a photo by Danvillegirl on Flickr. This is my recent purchase from Gorgeous Fabrics. Purchased during their 5 year anniversary. All are woven fabrics, some with some stretch. The bottom left is a double knit.

I am really liking the bright colors for spring/summer. Tangerine will become a jacket. For others current plan is skirts or dresses, except top right will be a blouse/top.

Click on photo to get more specifics about the fabric.

Updates at Casa Danvillegirl

I have not been very active in the sewing room since completing the color blocked dress.  To fill in the non-sewing time I have been catching up on blogs and reading pattern reviews.  I also have been "window shopping" on several fabric sites and made a huge purchase of fabrics from Gorgeous Fabrics during their 5 year anniversary.  Purchased  some pretty bright fabrics for spring/summer sewing.

I am so loving the "tangerine" color for spring/summer.  I love orange shades and fortunately for me they go well with my warm coloring.  I began taking some photos of fabric last night with iPad and will transfer and upload those for all to see soon.

Last night I did spend time in the sewing room fitting Butterick 5672.  I had to make 2.5 inch FBA.  My challenge is the that the pattern has one bust dart in the dress bodice with pleats on that same side.  The lining bodice pattern has waist and side bust dart.  I made the FBA on lining pattern first and then the dress bodic…


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