Time flying by

I was surprised to see I had not posted anything since last Sunday-March 18.

I spent last week working, working, working.  I traveled to Richmond Wednesday evening and allowed enough time to visit Nordstrom's to buy some new shoes.  I ended up buying three pairs-2 Vince Camuto and 1 Toms.
The VC were open toed pumps in black patent and blush faux snake skin.  The Toms were black ballet flats.  I loved the service I got in the shoe department.  The sales person brought out about 7 different pairs of shoes for me to try and would go back and get something else for me.  I fell in love with Nordstrom's many years ago.  When you don't have such a store, you truly appreciate visiting one when you can.

On my way out of town, I stopped at Hancock's and picked up a few yards of fabric that were on sale. One was a beautiful red silk dupioni, the other was a gray linen look polyester.  I took photos of the two fabrics using a new camera I just purchased on Saturday. I will post later.

I will give you an update on the green dress later.  I cannot believe I am still working on the darn thing.  I made one last fitting adjustment after attaching the lining and sewing in the sleeves.  I hate to write this but after all this work on it I am just undecided about it and whether I really like the look on me.  There are so many more projects in my head that I want to tackle.


  1. It sounds like you were on Broad St doing a bit of shopping. The new JoAnn Fabrics store opened last week. It is a bit further east of the Hancock's (rather than across the street like it used to be). Worth a stop if you are in town and have some time.

  2. Time passes fast even when you're NOT having fun! Hope you end up liking your new dress.


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