Dreaming of a sewing weekend

I have made all the adjustments I am going to make to the green dress and will post photos this weekend.

I will be participating in Faye's top sew along; I worked on getting my fabrics and patterns all matched up.  I am also planning to make a few skirts over the next few weeks and with Easter holiday will have some extra sewing time.

This week has been a little up and down emotionally.  My Administrative Assistant for the past 8+ years is retiring today.  I am truly sad about this; yet I am happy for her that she is able to do this.  She and her husband have travel plans for the next several months.  Actually I am pretty jealous about that!!!!  I just hate goodbyes and especially losing one of the best assistants I have had in years.

I have also been suffering with some neck/shoulder pain.  It is amazing how when you are in pain, it becomes a focal point at times.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor who is now prescribing PT; visited the PT and scheduled my first appointment for next week.

All of this has contributed to my emotional roller coaster week.  But part of my therapy has been to sew a little or at least do something in the sewing room each evening which lifts my spirits.  Last night I drifted off to sleep running some sewing ideas through my head.  I am now working for the weekend.


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