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First I am just not happy with the completed Butterick dress.  It just does not feel comfortable to me. I knew when making it that it was described as close fitting and that's the rub.  I am just not the skinny girl I use to be and there are some parts of the dress that is just to clingy for me to feel comfortable with.  I can say I learned some new things about sewing this dress and I also listened to my inner voice about how to sew the pieces together so that it looks for more professional than the loving hands at home look.

I was not going to post this and decided why not show the good, bad and the ugly.  So here it is. 
I plan on donating it to Goodwill as I know someone will be able to wear it or upfasion it if necessary.

I signed onto "starting at the top" that Faye L has set up for the next few weeks; my time in the sewing room yesterday and thus far today is focusing on the Style Arc Emma Top.
I liked this top the first time I saw it on the site and seeing some examples of the top made by others. I recently watched an Oprah show where she interviews Lady Gaga and her mom.  Oprah was wearing similar top though her's was a long sleeve knit  with pleats more so than gathers that you see with this pattern.

I began the pattern fitting process yesterday and have completed many adjustments.  I will be using this fabric.  It was purchased from Fashionista Fabrics earlier this year.  More later.


  1. Well, my little person at home walked by as I opened the picture of you in your new dress and said, "Nice dress!" I agree with her :)

    Can't wait to hear about the Style Arc pattern!

    1. That was sweet. I just finished cutting out the Emma top and threaded the serger.

  2. Too bad this dress was not a success for you. It looks nice in the photo, but I understand how it feels to be unsatisfied with a project. Life is too short, move on to tne next project!

  3. I agree the dress looks nice and clearly understand when the feeling just isn't right.


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