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Coquette Blouse project

I pin fitted the blouse pattern that I traced yesterday. I knew from the measurements provided on the pattern that adjustments were going to be necessary. I had to do a FBA adjustment which proved doable but challenging due to the front pattern pieces. After doing that, I decided to add a center back seam as I needed to do a round back adjustment and the center seam allows for the fit at the neck to be better. In addition I had to make my usual sway back adjustment. The pattern has no hem allowance, so I add two inches to the length to give me something to work with. Otherwise it would not be long enough to tuck in to a skirt or pants.

With the FBA, this added additional width down to waist area, which was needed also. I then pin fitted again to make sure there are no other adjustments to make. I decided not to make forward shoulder adjustment. I feel comfortable that I can now decide on the fabric and cut out the pattern.

I fell in love with the look of this pattern when I read this re…

Needle felting update

I took some pictures of my needle felting rectangle and square practice for our Roanoke Needlefelting Divas. Meant to be a show and tell of my felting practice.

Below are two photos of an orange felt square acquired from JoAnn fabrics. It is somewhat difficult to see in these pictures but I drew with a chalk pencil some squares and rectangles as shapes to work with.
The following photos show the roving being needlepunched via the Embellisher onto the felt square. The purpose was to practice felting into the drawn squares using roving or yarns. For the work shown below I used wool roving. At first I attempted to try to just felt within the drawn square, which truly requires more control than I have currently. Then found it was okay to lay out the roving across the drawn square and then take a bamboo skewer and turn the roving outside of the drawing back onto the square. I also trimmed around the drawn edges and then needle felted the edges.

Below is the first squares/rectangles practice. …

Needle felting

Several members of our local ASG started a felting group to learn to incorporate needle felting into sewing projects. Several of us purchased the Babylock Embelllisher and some members have acquired the new Janome Xpressions machine. We had an initial meeting in November to discuss ideas and projects and what we want the group to do and be.

We had our next meeting earlier this month and decided to meet every two months. Each member of the group would be the leader/teacher for that month. I got March!!! I am still in the infant/crawling stage, while some others are off and running a marathon. Everyone of us are at various skill levels so this will be tedious I am sure for some and a great learning experience for us others (me).

I decided to have each member work on learning to make shapes each week in order to learn more about the machine, how to control the feling to make the shape and then I hope to conclude with everyone making some sort of project. I am encouraging members to take ph…

Not my best sewing week!

I really wanted to try to do some 10-20-30 minute sewing this week. The work week was very stressful. I did not go to lunch any day last week except Friday. Food from our employee vending machine is good once in awhile, not for four days. Though I did save money and did not eat as much.

By the time I got home from work and then cooked, no energy to do much else. But I did read two sewing magazines from cover to cover, skipping some stuff in between. This morning I traced the Coquette Blouse pattern I purchased a few months ago. Tomorrow I will pin fit pattern for adjustments and then decide on what fabric to use to make the blouse. I have some nice fabric in my stash, just need to decide.

Sewing Summary

I wrote this post and committed to do something sewing related at a minimum of 4 times a week.

Here is a list of last week's accomplishments:
Completed PMB Jacket with major sewing completed on the weekend.=Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and afternoon.Using my Stitch and Stash Software from Wild Ginger, I began entering my pattern stash information.=Several evenings last week. I am amazed at the patterns in my stash and yet I am not. I feel a pattern sale coming up.Read up and practiced using 3D Sketch two evenings last week. This is going to be a learning curve for me in controlling the stitch creations.Attending a felting class with several ASG members using either Babylock Embellisher ofor the new Janome Expressions machines.I think I did very well. And you know I feel contentment and somewhat revitalized. During this time I have let go of job related stress issues; I am smiling more; and being less of a cranky person. Sewing is truly good for the soul.

PMB Jacket is Complete!

Well my jacket is complete! I am thrilled. I started this project about two weeks ago. Though I could have made the jacket in one day if I had uninterupted time, this took longer because of the front embroidery and I don't have uninterupted time.

I just wrote a review of the pattern at PR, click on My Pattern Reviews under Sewing Links under sidebar for that information.

The fabric was great to sew with. No real issues at all. This is fabric I have had in my stash for over two years. I am trying to use my fabric stash for current sewing projects. This is being driven also because of the Fabric Stash contest at PR as well. So far I have made three items and have use about 6 yards of material.

Here are some photos of the jacket in sewing progress and completed:

This is the front with embroidery complete , shoulders sewn and shoulder pads pinned in.

This is jacket with sides basted for further fitting.

This is a side view with glimpse of the back in the mirror.

Here is the completed jacket …

I've Been Tagged-twice

I have never been "tagged" before so I guess it was appropriate to get double teamed. I was tagged by Gaylen and by Lori.

The Rules:
• Someone Tags you
• You post 5 things about yourself that you haven't already mentioned on your blog
• You tag 5 more bloggers

Here goes:
I am an only child and always found ways to entertain myself. I think only children do that well. Entertainment included reading, playing with dolls and paperdolls. I always used different voices and behaviors for each doll while playing. I was so good at this that my grandfather when he called me to dinner sometimes would tell me to invite my friend also.I lived in a great neighborhood where there were lots of kids around and in the summer we played such games like roller bat, red light,hide and seek, scrabble or anagrams, pick up sticks, and jackrocks. God did I just tell my age or what. But as you can see we played outside and did not sit at computers or video games all day.I wanted to become an actress whe…

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes today is my birthday! And I had a great day! Ate way too much sugar loaded foods today but what they heck, it was my birthday.

When I left to go to work this morning, I stopped at Starbucks and got a Cafe Mocha! Love my coffee in the mornings. When I arrived at work, upon entering the building the receptionist was smiling even more than she normally does and as I headed toward my office, I saw a sign on my door that my secretary had put up saying it was my birthday. Several staff wished a happy one.

About 30 minutes later, my secretary asked I could go to the conference room with her to show me something, several staff that work in my division were in the room and sang Happy Birthday. We then had donuts!! My favorite chocolate covered with creamy stuffing!!!! No calories here, right! There were some lovely flowers on the table and those had just been delivered and were from my DH! I had already gotten other presents from him at home prior to work so this was just a really …

Ideal Career Test

Your Career Personality: Empathetic, Loyal, and People-Oriented
Your Ideal Careers:

Corporate trainer
Events Coordinator
Small Business Owner
Social Worker
TeacherThe Quick and Dirty Career Test

Some of the above does fit. Chef!!!! Read earlier post from today about cooking. NOT!

Photo of KS top

I hardly ever post photos of me wearing my creations. Mainly because it is hard to take photos of oneself and have them turn out decently. But I am pleased with the fit and thought I would share. I may take up the waist band on the next top, just a tad. This fits well and is comfortable but I think I could take it in about 1/4 inch more and give it just a little more fitted look. I washed this top this weekend and the knit did very well.

Holiday and PSD

Today was a holiday and I took advantage of the free time to sew and to go shopping that was sewing related. Because I could not sleep in as I thought I would, I was up early and I was very productive.

I began working on my jacket this morning. I stitched the darts, serge finished the front side seams. I serge finished the center back and then stitched the back seam. I then sewed the shoulder seams. I then basted the side seams for fitting. After inserting shoulder pads as I had drafted for this, I was pleased that the shoulder fit was good.

I am very happy to report that the designs down the front aligned up perfectly on each front piece. That is always a tricky thing to do but was accomplished. I need to take a photo of this.

I lengthened this version of the jacket as I felt the first draft was going to be too short. This one however is currently looking like it is going to be too long or longer than I wanted the look to be. I will probably cut off about an inch. I allowed for a two in…

Sewing Progress for PMB Jacket

I have been busy with drafting, printing, fitting and starting my PMB Jacket. I used the Classic Style draft for the jacket using PMB software. I then removed all waist darts and kept only the side dart. For front closure, I chose a zipper closure, only because this will allow me to keep the front with no closure and no overlap to have to cut off. I lengthened the jacket from my original draft after fitting I discovered that with 1 1/2 to 2 inch hem, the jacket would be too short. Thus lengthening gives me a deeper hem allowance and a jacket that will fall close to hip area.

I embroidered the fronts using my Endless Hoop which allows for easy alignment of an endless embroidery. Photos below show my progress.

Pattern laid out with extra fabric around edges to allow for loss with embroidery.

Other pieces laid out for cutting.

One front piece with embroidery down the front opening. Blue lines
are for alignment and are outside the final cutting area.

This shows the Endless Hoop used with a prin…

Sewing Blurb for Wednesday 1/10/07

Well I have continued to do something sewing related since my post on Monday.

Last night I entered information on four more patterns into the Stitch and Stash program. I only a 100 more to do, but I am making progress.

Tonight I traced the front and back pattern pieces of jacket drafted from PMB. I use Swedish Tracing paper so I can pin fit the pattern for potential adjustments. I also finished taping the printed pieces together for the sleeve and facing part of the jacket. I also plan on lining the fabric as well.

Oh yes, I also took some photos of my red KS top I wore to work today with top and pants. Need to download from camera and look at them before posting.

Tomorrow night is our local ASG chapter meeting and will attend that.

Going to catch up on some blog reading now. Sew later.

Something sewing daily

In reading through various blogs the past weekend, I read where many of you were starting new year resolutions. I don't do them anymore "officially". However, I am trying to work on "affirmations" that will lead to more positive outcomes.

I affirm that I will do something sewing related at minimum of 4 times a week. Sewing related will include actually sewing, machine embroiderying, cutting out and/or fitting patterns, cutting out fabric, organizing and cataloging my patterns and fabric on my new Stitch and Stash Software, writing to my "sewing diary" (this blog) and/or reading about sewing in magazines and on blogs.

Today, I posted five patterns to my S&S software, including scanning photos of the patterns. I also ran a tutorial on one of my embroidery software programs.

" I feel good, like I knew I would". Sew Good, Sew Good!

PMB Jacket

I drafted a jacket pattern yesterday using Pattern Master Boutique 3. I keep seeing this very simple style jacket in the local Macys. It is short, no closure with bust darts only, somewhat boxy and short. The front edges are embroidered or have some sort of decorative stitches. Not very pricey-yet I have similar fabric, great sewing and embroidery machines that I could use to replicate.

I have decided to move this to the front of my sewing list. I need a more adventurous project now that I have sewn two knit tops that was to be easy and fast sewing. They were easy just not sure if I want to call them fast.

I am using a faux suede fabric with satin backing. This is exactly the fabric of the jacket at Macy's. I have not embroidered on this type fabric before so will attempt a test embroidery hopefully one evening this week. I purchased this fabric about two years ago from a sewing/fabric store in Harrisonburg. I am also somewhat motivated because of the stash contest on PR. I am aga…

Vogue 8151 complete

I was able to complete the blue knit top. Here are photos of the top on Alma Marie.

This is the front view of the top and the side view you get to see is a the reflection in the mirror that was to the side of the dress form. I didn't plan it that way but there you go!

Here is the back view.
The bulges at the upper back near shoulders is from the bra that Alma Marie is wearing. Not the best for knit tops. I wrote a review for the top at Pattern Review and entered it into the fabric stash contest they have going on at that site.

Sewing this week

Well I have not done the sewing I wanted to do this past week and particularly today.

I did work on the SB Knit top today. For simple patterns and truly easy to sew, it is taking me forever to get close to being finished. Prior to today, I had sewn the shoulders and the dart for this top. Today I sewed the neck binding which I basted to neck line three times! I really wanted it to be perfect and I admit that the last time was very good. I then serged the binding and pressed. I have now flat sewn the sleeves.

Tomorrow I will baste the sides and try on for final fitting before serging the sleeves and side seams. Then I should be able to hem sleeves and top and be done with it.

Next up---I have several projects going on in my head. They are:
Simple jacket with side dart, decorative stitching embroidery down the center front, no closure. Vogue skirt with interesting back seaming.See list on sidebar.

KS 3435 Top

This is the front view of the KS 3435 top.

This is the back view.

Fabric is from the Sewing Studio-Oregon, called Trelana Knit. Very soft feel but is medium weight with good body. Sews well.

I just wrote a review for this pattern at Pattern Review and entered it into the Stash Contest.

New Year's eve sewing

Yesterday morning I was very productive, sewing wise. Friday, I cut out two patterns using the Trelana knit fabric I purchased from The Sewing Studio. This is a lovely light to medium weight knit, that is somewhat like a soft sweater knit.
Originally I had planned to make the KS pattern out of the blue knit. I am glad I checked the amount of fabric on hand versus the amount needed. I truly thought I had enough of the blue to make the top but found I only had 1.5 yards, pattern called for 2.25. Even more fortunate was that I had 2 yards of the red knit and was able to make the top from that, so the .25 was more than I needed. I finished the top yesterday around 2:00 pm, just in time to stop and begin the preparations for going to Danville for NYEve party. I need to take a photo of the completed top. I used my new clothing label for this top as well.
Below are photos taken of the cutting process. I decided to make the Sandra Betzina Knit top pattern out of the blue. I made this top befor…


I can hardly believe 2006 came and went!

My DH and I went with some long time friends to a New Years Eve party last night. This is the first time in ages that we did not wake up in front of the TV to watch the ball drop in NYC.

We truly enjoyed the time with friends and saw some old acquaintances and met some new people as well. The weather was bad, light and heavy rain with fog. We drove back home around 12:30, which was an hour and 30 minute drive, in bed by 2:00. I slept in=7:30. Once I see daylight, I can't sleep.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to a more productive sewing year!


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