Sewing Progress for PMB Jacket

I have been busy with drafting, printing, fitting and starting my PMB Jacket. I used the Classic Style draft for the jacket using PMB software. I then removed all waist darts and kept only the side dart. For front closure, I chose a zipper closure, only because this will allow me to keep the front with no closure and no overlap to have to cut off. I lengthened the jacket from my original draft after fitting I discovered that with 1 1/2 to 2 inch hem, the jacket would be too short. Thus lengthening gives me a deeper hem allowance and a jacket that will fall close to hip area.

I embroidered the fronts using my Endless Hoop which allows for easy alignment of an endless embroidery. Photos below show my progress.

Pattern laid out with extra fabric around edges to allow for loss with embroidery.

Other pieces laid out for cutting.

One front piece with embroidery down the front opening. Blue lines
are for alignment and are outside the final cutting area.

This shows the Endless Hoop used with a print out of the embroidery on
paper to help align the design where you want it.



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