Holiday and PSD

Today was a holiday and I took advantage of the free time to sew and to go shopping that was sewing related. Because I could not sleep in as I thought I would, I was up early and I was very productive.

I began working on my jacket this morning. I stitched the darts, serge finished the front side seams. I serge finished the center back and then stitched the back seam. I then sewed the shoulder seams. I then basted the side seams for fitting. After inserting shoulder pads as I had drafted for this, I was pleased that the shoulder fit was good.

I am very happy to report that the designs down the front aligned up perfectly on each front piece. That is always a tricky thing to do but was accomplished. I need to take a photo of this.

I lengthened this version of the jacket as I felt the first draft was going to be too short. This one however is currently looking like it is going to be too long or longer than I wanted the look to be. I will probably cut off about an inch. I allowed for a two inch hem. The jacket hem line was intended to be below the waist, but not at hip line. I am short from waist to hip. I attempted to find a photo of the jacket on the Macy's website as Macy's here is where I saw the jacket, top and pants outfit. I could not find it on their website, nor the particular brand. Go figure??????

With PMB you draft the facings for the jacket and can select the facing widths in doing so. I failed to adjust this setting for this jacket. I want the facing to cover up the backside of the front embroidery. I will be manually redrafting the facing pattern to make it wider. Fortunately I have enough fabric left to cut out new facings.

After spending about an hour in my sewing room, I then showered and dressed to travel about an hour to the Viking dealership to purchase the 3D Sketch Software accessories to complete my total upgrade to 3D Professional. I then looked around and purchased a new sewing plate for my machine that has imperial measurements--1/2 inch, 5/8, 1/4. Old habits die hard!! I also purchased some adhesive spray similar to Sulky Spray that I had not tried before. I also purchased a purse pattern. Like I really need another pattern.

Once home, I viewed some embroidery tutorials. I then became Suzy Domestic and cooked dinner. I really don't mind cooking when not rushed to do so. Unfortunately, having more or less time does not make me a better cook!


  1. Oh, a new purse pattern! I really like the fit of the red shirt.


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