I've Been Tagged-twice

I have never been "tagged" before so I guess it was appropriate to get double teamed. I was tagged by Gaylen and by Lori.

The Rules:
• Someone Tags you
• You post 5 things about yourself that you haven't already mentioned on your blog
• You tag 5 more bloggers

Here goes:
  1. I am an only child and always found ways to entertain myself. I think only children do that well. Entertainment included reading, playing with dolls and paperdolls. I always used different voices and behaviors for each doll while playing. I was so good at this that my grandfather when he called me to dinner sometimes would tell me to invite my friend also.
  2. I lived in a great neighborhood where there were lots of kids around and in the summer we played such games like roller bat, red light,hide and seek, scrabble or anagrams, pick up sticks, and jackrocks. God did I just tell my age or what. But as you can see we played outside and did not sit at computers or video games all day.
  3. I wanted to become an actress when I grew up , but my mother told me I needed to pursue a more "practical career" like a secretary, school teacher or nurse. I tried being a secretary but could not type though I could take dictation. I had attended college for one year after high school and then dropped out and worked briefly as a secretary at Houehold Finance. Actually my title was Office Girl or OG. (Was that discriminatory or what) I proved to be better as the Head Cashier being much better at bookkeeping/recordkeeping than typing.
  4. I returned to college after 1 1/2 years as a drop out and "hippy" and got my BS in Social Work, working during the day and going to college at night. Later in life returned to college to acquire a MBA. Did not get the MBA but have lots of years experience as CEO of non-profit organizations. My degree and my bookkeeping experience combined together has helped me in my profession.
  5. I have been married for 33 years with our 34th anniversary coming up next month. We are DINKS-Double Income No Kids. We did have two chihuahuas who lived to be 15 and 16 years old and they were like our kids!

There you go. Now my tags are Twisted Angel, Cindi, Liana, JuliaR, Isabelle.



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