Sewing Summary

I wrote this post and committed to do something sewing related at a minimum of 4 times a week.

Here is a list of last week's accomplishments:
  1. Completed PMB Jacket with major sewing completed on the weekend.=Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and afternoon.
  2. Using my Stitch and Stash Software from Wild Ginger, I began entering my pattern stash information.=Several evenings last week. I am amazed at the patterns in my stash and yet I am not. I feel a pattern sale coming up.
  3. Read up and practiced using 3D Sketch two evenings last week. This is going to be a learning curve for me in controlling the stitch creations.
  4. Attending a felting class with several ASG members using either Babylock Embellisher ofor the new Janome Expressions machines.

I think I did very well. And you know I feel contentment and somewhat revitalized. During this time I have let go of job related stress issues; I am smiling more; and being less of a cranky person. Sewing is truly good for the soul.



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