PMB Jacket

I drafted a jacket pattern yesterday using Pattern Master Boutique 3. I keep seeing this very simple style jacket in the local Macys. It is short, no closure with bust darts only, somewhat boxy and short. The front edges are embroidered or have some sort of decorative stitches. Not very pricey-yet I have similar fabric, great sewing and embroidery machines that I could use to replicate.

I have decided to move this to the front of my sewing list. I need a more adventurous project now that I have sewn two knit tops that was to be easy and fast sewing. They were easy just not sure if I want to call them fast.

I am using a faux suede fabric with satin backing. This is exactly the fabric of the jacket at Macy's. I have not embroidered on this type fabric before so will attempt a test embroidery hopefully one evening this week. I purchased this fabric about two years ago from a sewing/fabric store in Harrisonburg. I am also somewhat motivated because of the stash contest on PR. I am again focusing on what I have on hand and not out to make numerous fabric purchases from other sources currently.

Here is a photo of the printed and taped pattern that PMB produces.

This is the front of the jacket. Normally if I draft a new pattern and one not previously made, I will trace the pattern using Swedish tracing paper. Then I can pin or machine baste the tracing paper for fitting. I normally make any adjustments onto the tracing paper and make note of that. I then attach tracing to printed PMB pattern for storing.



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