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Uniquely You Dress Form

I mentioned in this post about getting my Uniquely You Dress Form. Carolyn, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, shared with me her adventure in creating her Uniquely You form. I think she calls her Lulu. I will have to come up with a name for mine!

My ASG sewing buddy-Cindi, Cindi's Sewing, has agreed to help me get my cover to fit me! This will be an adventure. I am taking a vacation day this Friday and will be going to her home to complete this project. I will post more on this adventure. I will even take a few photos to share (Maybe!)

A New Vice?

I came across some vintage pattern sites when actually searching for some fairly current patterns on Ebay. There was one pattern that caught my eye and I decided to bid on it. When bidding got to over $25, I decided I did not want the pattern that bad. So I bid on this one and won! It reminds me of a red cashmer/melton type wool jacket I have from my mother. I have worn this jacket over the years and always loved the look and feel.

I then saw a classified ad on Pattern Review for some vintage patterns. I then purchased these:
Hollywood Suit Pattern-1944
Vogue Jacket-1950's

I am currently searching wool coating fabric to make the McCall's jacket. I have a piece of fabric in mind for the Vogue Jacket, that is gray with black velvet design all over.

Skirt complete!

I am very happy with outcome of my black skirt. Here is the pattern :

Here is the skirt. I reduced the length by 4 inches since I am vertically challenged. Most all of Loes Hinses long skirts are much too long for me and this is my normal adjustment.

Here is a close up of the waistline showing the right front panel buttoned over the left front panel.
Here is a photo of the right panel topstitched to the left front panel and the mitered corner of the front edge of the skirt. I lightened the photo so that hopefully you can see these details.

I wrote a review to post on Pattern Review and will do that later tonight or first thing in the AM. I am now off to watch the Emmys.

JoAnn's/Simplicity/5 for $5

I was reading Pattern Review this morning, as I do every morning before work or fun. I had read a review about a Butterick skirt. Ann-Gorgeous Thing, the reviewer referred readers to the Sewing Divas Blog. I fell in love with her skirt. I was already in love with the pattern but loved her slot seam tutorial and look. Since had to do some major shopping today, I went to JoAnn's to buy the pattern.

What a great surprise, Simplicity Patterns were 5 for $5. I looked again to make sure I read the sign correctly. I immediately found several patterns that I had wanted to purchase. I was in luck as they were all in stock. I almost forgot to buy the Butterick one. I bought 6 patterns for $11 and some change! Yeah!

I know I told my DH I wasn't buying anymore for awhile, but a $1 a piece. Besides he gave me $20 and said you probably will go by one of your sewing stores. His fault!!!

Black Skirt Progress

Progress to date is I have sewn the back darts. Wow what progress! This has been one of those weeks, and it is only Wednesday, where career is consuming more than normal amount of my life. But it supports my sewing habit, so a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Here is a photo of the fabric, I tried to lightened it a bit so you can see the "ribs" on this fabric. (I am pleased that Blogger allowed the post of the photo, for days now this feature has been on the blink). You can click on the photo and will provide a close up view.

I now need to come up with a blouse fabric to make a blouse like the New Look one I had planned to make. Perhaps the EOS fabric I had originally thought I was going to use to make this skirt, only it may be as flimsy as the blue fabric was for this blouse style. Lesson learned.!

My New Look Blouse

My New Look Blouse

Well here it is! Didn't recognize it! Me either. Regretfully this blouse will not be. It has nothing to do with the pattern. I just chose the wrong fabric to make this blouse. I really hate that I did. This fabric is (was) great fabric. It is simply too soft to be such fitted, structured type blouse. It would have been better for it to be a soft, unstructured over type blouse. It was so droopy, that the bust and waist darts sagged. I mean really sagged!!!! :-( I tried redoing the darts. I tried several things. I finally knew that this was not fixable. Lesson learned.

So onto my skirt using my seasoned, black mystery but lovable fabric.

Blouse and Skirt Progress

I am making progress on the blouse. I have not sewn a blouse in a long, long time. That is a blouse with a front placket, buttonholes and such. So far, I have sewn the darts and started on the right front placket. I had to redo this as I had not folded the placket deep enough to accomodate the buttonholes and then turning the placket back to the outside to hide the buttonholes. Nonetheless, the fabric is forgiving enough and I am using Peggy Sager's sewing tips of using a longer stitch length. Thus making removing stitches much easier. Thank you, Peggy for teaching this to us sewists.

I had to make a fabric change for my skirt. The fabric I was originally going to use is just to soft and thin for the skirt. Perhaps if I was to add a lining, and I am not, then it would give it some weight and body. I had some other fabric with shoes and purses but the blues used within the patterns did not go well with this blue fabric I had cut for the blouse. I continued to shop my stash and found…

Sewing Projects for this weekend

I am going to make New Look 6952 Blouse. You can it here. Blogger is not letting me post a photo of it at this time. I am using a light blue fabric with some raised designs that I got from Timmel Fabrics earlier this year. I believe it is a tencel type fabric. I washed it and it shrank just a small amount and does not wrinkle excessively.

I have had this pattern forever. It has become more popular in recent months and years. I made numerous fitting adjustments to it last weekend. I retried the pattern on me last night and I am truly pleased with the fit results so I am ready to cut and sew. I can't remember the last time I made a blouse with buttons, much less with a placket. So will be honing up those rusty sewing skills that I have not used in some time. I would love to post a photo of the material but have not taken one of it for some odd reason. Besides I simply cannot post photos right now with Blogger. Keeps telling me page error. It could be me not Blogger, b…

Priority Mail

Today I went to CURVES after work. Upon arriving home right outside the garage door was a priortiy mail package. At first I thought I know I have one more package to come that was a purchase at ASG but that was a book, this was a long cylinder type package. Then I remember I ordered three packs of Swedish Tracing Paper from Birch Street this past Sunday or Monday. Here it was today!!! I love mail and getting packages. 3 days in a row! Seems almost like Christmas.

Maybe my book will come tomorrow.

UPS Visits Two Days in Row!

I love to get mail, through the Post Office. My DH thinks I am crazy that way. He's right.

What I like even better is UPS deliveries particularly when I am awaiting something relating to sewing!?!?! It was great to come home from work Tuesday and Wednesday to find a package on the front porch (stoop- for my friends in PA). Tuesday my Rowenta Steamer that I ordered from Peggy Sagers during the ASG Conference arrived. I tried it out last night and plan to press some fabric that I pretreated for my upcoming new blouse.

Yesterday a bigger package was awaiting me. It was my new dress form-Uniquely You. This is going to take me sometime to put together. But I really like the form. It is a foam material. The cover is a cotton fabric that you fit to yourself by letting out or taking up seams. You wear it and adjust the fit. You then, put this fitted cover over your form which I am assuming from my reading of instructions that will then compress the foam to your specific shape. I am going to…

Photos of Monaco Shell

Here are a few photos of the Monaco Shell by Textile Studio. I wrote a review at Pattern Review this evening.

Vogue 8151-Sandra Betzina Knit Top

I completed the Sandra Betzina Knit Top earlier this week. I wrote a review at Pattern Review.
I really like the fit of this top. I forgot to mention in the review that I had some issues with inserting the sleeves and next time will trim them down about 1/4 to 3/8 inch. The sleeves run a little small, so I added 1/2 inch to sleeve seams.

I love the fabric. A great knit from Wazoodle. I posted a photo of it a few days ago. Here is a photo of the top, like the one used in my review.


I wrote about sewing the Textile Studio-Monaco Shell. See this link:Danvillegirl Sewing Diary: Wadder! Couple of key issues were the fabric, difficult knit to sew and the top needed a FBA.

I decided to try it again. Based on feedback received from some who read the post and learning more about sewing with knits at ASG I decided to make the top again. I had sufficient fabric to make it again and may be able to get a cami from the remainder.

I used Sulky Solvy,placed along the fabric edge, against feed dogs, while serge finishing the seams. I tried fusing some straight as well as bias tape but serger worked best with Solvy. I made one inch FBA which proved to be the right thing to do. The top came out very nice and I will take pictures later to post.

The directions have you sew front and back center seams, then turn down facing edge which is a cut-on type facing for front and back. You then stitch in ditch to secure the turn down facing. Then sew shoulder seams, turn down remainder of neck…

ASG Purchases

I went to ASG Conference with a list of things I wanted to buy. Some of those things were not available from the vendors. A lot of the offerings were from the presenters themselves. You know how it is. You take a class, you get inspired and you go buy numerous items they showed in class or talked about at their booth. This is not a knock, just a fact. I did it a few times.

Here are the things I wanted to buy:

Dress FormShoulder PadsFabric-Woven and KnitLoes Hinses patternSewing Workshop PatternFloriani stablizersShiva Paint SticksEmbroidery DesignsInterfacingOther interesting patterns for apparel and pursesWhat I purchased was:Shirley Adams Basic Jacket Pattern-300; plus 5 supplemental patterns to go with it.3 Sewing Workshop Patterns - Haiku Jacket, Jacket and Pants (name escapes me now), and Teagarden TeeSewkeysE Origami Top for KnitsTwo knit fabrics from SewkeysEOne woven fabric from Louise CuttingTwo packs of interfacing from Peggy SagerRowenta Steamer from Peggy Sager-to be shipped…

ASG Photos

I had hoped my photos of the fashion show would show up better. Here is one of the Color Guard that opened the show. The Theme was America Sew Beautiful. The Color Guard was great.

Here is a photo taken in Connie Crawford's Class on Draping a Custom Pattern.

Here are some photos of Shirley Adam's Creations. I truly love her classic style but creative and gorgeous fashions. She is a charming and witty presenter as was Connie Crawford. They both engaged and entertained their audiences.

More ASG

Remember my Duro Dress? Saturday I wore my new dress. I skipped the breakfast that morning as I just wanted to catch up on my sleep. I went to the coffee bar, got my Starbucks latte and bananna nut muffin for a leisurely breakfast. I visited with a couple whose wife was attending the conference, they were from St. Petersburg, FL. They were going to go on one of the tours offered.

I then went down to the conference area and chatted with one of our ASG members. An attractive lady was coming up from the floor below where some of the classes were held. She kept looking at me and I thought perhaps it was someone I should know. She approached me about my dress, expressing delight in the fabric and color choices. She then asked what pattern.

I went on to tell her how I learned of the dress from A Dress A Day blog and the many that Erin had made. Decided to give it a try, though not necessarily a style I would normally make as I tend toward more of the classic styles due to my job a…

I'm Back From ASG!

I returned yesterday evening around 5:00. It was about a 4 hour drive, stopping for lunch and to fill up the car.

I had a great time. It was fun spending time with our local ASG members who attended. Some I only see once a month. I got in a lot of walking and way too much eating! I arrived in DC around 3:00 on Thursday. It was at least 102 degrees. It was extremely hot. After getting checked in to my room and then going down to registration for conference, I caught up with some of our members for dinner. The Hyatt Hotel shuttle took us to M station to catch the Metro over to Pentagon City. We walked around the mall there and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. It was stifling hot underground waiting for the Metro. We returned to the hotel and it was Exhibition Preview Night for attendees. I paced myself and just walked around looking at booths without buying. Of course, after going to my room, visions of everythign was playing in my head.

Friday morning was breakfast at 7 AM…

Start of Vacation

I am starting my vacation!!! Yeah!!!! Tomorrow I drive to Arlington, VA to attend the National ASG Conference.

I slept in this morning-got up at 5:45 instead of my usual 4:40. Just to much on my mind and DH had to go to work very early this morning so I knew I would have uninterupted time to go into my sewing room and straighten it up.

I purchased another four drawer storage container to put more of my sewing things into. Thus I transferred sewing notions, interfacings, buttons and such into the new cabinet. I then decided to put away some fabric that I had pulled out of my collection at the start of summer to make. I have ambitious plans at times and then don't always get to work the plan because my job and general life issues throw kinks into the sewing plan.

I threw away some fabric scraps that just were not enough to do much with and what I did keep I put into large storage containers. In putting away some fabric, I then pulled out some other fabric that is more for fall clothing…


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