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I went to ASG Conference with a list of things I wanted to buy. Some of those things were not available from the vendors. A lot of the offerings were from the presenters themselves. You know how it is. You take a class, you get inspired and you go buy numerous items they showed in class or talked about at their booth. This is not a knock, just a fact. I did it a few times.

Here are the things I wanted to buy:

  • Dress Form
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Fabric-Woven and Knit
  • Loes Hinses pattern
  • Sewing Workshop Pattern
  • Floriani stablizers
  • Shiva Paint Sticks
  • Embroidery Designs
  • Interfacing
  • Other interesting patterns for apparel and purses

What I purchased was:

  • Shirley Adams Basic Jacket Pattern-300; plus 5 supplemental patterns to go with it.
  • 3 Sewing Workshop Patterns - Haiku Jacket, Jacket and Pants (name escapes me now), and Teagarden Tee
  • SewkeysE Origami Top for Knits
  • Two knit fabrics from SewkeysE
  • One woven fabric from Louise Cutting
  • Two packs of interfacing from Peggy Sager
  • Rowenta Steamer from Peggy Sager-to be shipped-waiting, waiting, waiting!
  • Connie Crawford Block Patterns for Woven and Knit Top
  • Embroidery Design Card from Sadia Andrews-Kanta Lace 1
  • 3 Shiva Paintsticks and Stamp
  • Embellishment Bag with various shades of green roving, yarns and such that I will use with my Babylock Embellisher

Here are a few photos I took of the items one evening in my hotel room. Batteries died during the process.

Black knit fabric with coral, fuschia and green flowers.

Sheer rayon woven fabric from Louise Cutting. Teal, lime green and white.

Streth knit lace-brown, beige and coral shades.


  1. I love the black knit and brown fabric. I can't wait to see what you make of them.


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