Skirt complete!

I am very happy with outcome of my black skirt. Here is the pattern :

Here is the skirt. I reduced the length by 4 inches since I am vertically challenged. Most all of Loes Hinses long skirts are much too long for me and this is my normal adjustment.

Here is a close up of the waistline showing the right front panel buttoned over the left front panel.
Here is a photo of the right panel topstitched to the left front panel and the mitered corner of the front edge of the skirt. I lightened the photo so that hopefully you can see these details.

I wrote a review to post on Pattern Review and will do that later tonight or first thing in the AM. I am now off to watch the Emmys.


  1. What a great skirt, Linda! I love the fabric. It looks like an ottoman? Very pretty!

  2. Good for you, shortening the skirt. This is a nice style, but most of those overlong skirts are quite unflattering. I am short also (5'2") and sewed a few mid-calf skirts because they seemed to be in style. Big mistake! I seemed to have stumpy little legs, and looked quite matronly. Nope, knee length or just below is flattering for almost everyone.

  3. Very nice, Linda. I'm also short (5'2") and have to shorten most skirt patterns as well. I so enjoy your blog. Ruth


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