Sewing Projects for this weekend

I am going to make New Look 6952 Blouse. You can it here. Blogger is not letting me post a photo of it at this time. I am using a light blue fabric with some raised designs that I got from Timmel Fabrics earlier this year. I believe it is a tencel type fabric. I washed it and it shrank just a small amount and does not wrinkle excessively.

I have had this pattern forever. It has become more popular in recent months and years. I made numerous fitting adjustments to it last weekend. I retried the pattern on me last night and I am truly pleased with the fit results so I am ready to cut and sew. I can't remember the last time I made a blouse with buttons, much less with a placket. So will be honing up those rusty sewing skills that I have not used in some time. I would love to post a photo of the material but have not taken one of it for some odd reason. Besides I simply cannot post photos right now with Blogger. Keeps telling me page error. It could be me not Blogger, but others complained recently about this issue. Will see.

I am making a LH wrap skirt to go with the blouse with fabric from EOS. Will post more about this later. First a shower, I just got back from CURVES.


  1. Linda send your email addy to my address: I have pictures of the weekend fitting my Uniquely You dressform that will give you a taste of what you are in for! ROTFLOL! These pictures are private in my photo album and can only be accessed by my placing you on my email listing. So send me a message and I will let you peek!

  2. Linda,
    When I was a girl we bought a lot of our clothes at the Salvation Army. My sisters and I would tell our friends that we bought our clothes at "Sally's" as if it was a special boutique store or something. I think we were too embarrassed to say we shopped at thrift stores. Lol, I like shopping at thrift stores now.

    I know this has nothing to do with your sewing post, but I thought I'd answer your comment on SewChic.


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