Start of Vacation

I am starting my vacation!!! Yeah!!!! Tomorrow I drive to Arlington, VA to attend the National ASG Conference.

I slept in this morning-got up at 5:45 instead of my usual 4:40. Just to much on my mind and DH had to go to work very early this morning so I knew I would have uninterupted time to go into my sewing room and straighten it up.

I purchased another four drawer storage container to put more of my sewing things into. Thus I transferred sewing notions, interfacings, buttons and such into the new cabinet. I then decided to put away some fabric that I had pulled out of my collection at the start of summer to make. I have ambitious plans at times and then don't always get to work the plan because my job and general life issues throw kinks into the sewing plan.

I threw away some fabric scraps that just were not enough to do much with and what I did keep I put into large storage containers. In putting away some fabric, I then pulled out some other fabric that is more for fall clothing, shot some pictures of it for planning purposes. Loaded them onto computer and I sit writing into my sewing diary.

Here are some of the fabrics that are now in the sewing room to become garments:

This is a knit, very bright I might add, that I purchased from Wazoodle during one of the sales. I had planned to make it before going to Arlington. Plan to use Sandra Betzina knit top pattern. Pulled out this summer. Still summer and temperatures in the upper 90's again today.

Dark brown fabric purchased at Hancocks to make a skirt because the brown fabric purchased from Fashion Fabric Club did not match up with other pieces purchased. This skirt will have gores and I want to flatlock the gore seams. I saw an employee at Hancocks wearing a skirt; hers was brown with teal flatlocking. She did not make her skirt, purchased RTW. I thought I can make that.

This is fabric I purchased from FFC. The flower print one is a challis, brown with teal flowers. The other fabric is a silk suiting with chocolate and teal threads running through it.

I will post some more photos soon. Blogger is not cooperating at this time.


  1. Have a great time at the National ASG Conference! Hope to hear all about it on your blog when you return.

  2. I love the idea of flatlocking a brown skirt with teal thread! Mind if I steal it? It's a great idea to tie some SWAP projects together to outfits, using threads in coordinating colours!

  3. Loved your fabric choices especially the shoe print! Have a really great time at ASG. I want to hear all about it when you return ~ what you learned ~ what you bought ~ who you saw ~ everything!

  4. Have a great time at the conference! I, too, want to read all about it next week.

  5. I almost bought that shoe fabric, too! It's so darling. I like all your fabrics! Have a great time at ASG.


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