Me Wearing Duro

I tried to do this yesterday but Blogger was being stubborn and not allowing me to post photos. You asked and here they are, photos of me wearing the Duro Dress from McCalls. Trust me as you can obviously see, I am not a photographer. It is most difficult to take a photo of yourself in the mirror and hold the camera steady with one hand. These were the best of the shots I came up with using this method. My DH is never home when I get dress most mornings, and in the evening, I normally am not in the mood to put on my newly sewn clothes and model them.

So here goes!


  1. Very cute! I definitely think the pleats are better than gathers -thanks for the tip... although I don't know when I'll get around to making it!

  2. Linda ~ thanks for adding the photos! I am lucky in that I have children to bribe to take my photos but now you understand what I mean about game face. Most times I am just too tired after work to change, smile and pose for the camera!

  3. I'm green with envy. Your dress looks soooo good on you. I like that the band is right under the bust and sits further down towards the waist. That was one of the suggestions for my dress. If I ever get up enough steam to remake mine, I will give your style design a try.

  4. I love your dress! I'm so jealous that you've got yours made....I really need to find the time to get started on mine.


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