What's Next? Where did the time go?

In reading some other blogs this past weekend, many individuals were talking about and beginning to plan on sewing fashions for fall. Where did summer go????

Around May, I pulled out numerous fabrics from my stash, some aged more than others, and developed a sewing plan to make numerous items-knit tops, a blouse, a lightweight jacket, a coordinated outfit or two. It is now almost the end of July and I am asking myself what's next, what have I completed, and where the heck did summer go and the time I was going to sew?

I did make a Teal jacket and skirt with black and teal top from a Vogue and PMB pattern. I embroidered the jacket and skirt with design inspired by the blouse fabric. I made a knock off of a Talbots jacket and sheath. I made a purse from embellished fabric and I just completed my Duro Dress. I currently have two knit tops I want to make, which I will probably do this weekend. I have a blouse I want to make. A wrap skirt and I want to make a top to go with that. I have a jacket I want to make but want to embellish the fabric using the Embellisher before making it up.

And then it is fall! So like others I need to be making some transition clothes to go from here to there. I do have the fabric for this, where can I get some time?


  1. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. I am not ready to sew for Fall. I still have summer clothes needs for the children and I. Our son leaves Friday for the Dominion Republic and when he gets back our daughter leaves for camp. I think my Fall sewing will begin in October. LOL, I am always behind.

  2. Your remaining summer sewing list doesn't seem that daunting! And you have made some absolutely gorgeous pieces this summer...sometimes time just gets away from us!


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