Photos-Duro Dress- See post below this one.

Completed dress, front view.

Back view.

Gathers converted to pleats. Smoother look, I think.

I forgot to post below, that I also shortened the dress by reducing the width of the bottom skirt band. I also took 3/8 inch tucks in the front and back bodice areas in the shoulder area. Otherwise the dress would hang even further off my shoulders. I still need to add a modesty piece after raising the v-neck part by 1/2 inch, it is still rather low, lower than I normally wear items.

I will write a review at Pattern Review this week also.


  1. I'm so glad to see your finished! I've been waiting - hope when you review it you'll show us what it looks like on you. Cute version!

  2. I like the pleats better! What a great idea. Hmm, wonder what I would look like in this type dress? I would definitely have to do something about that plunging neckline. I am definetly not a low neckline sorta gal. I hope you have a great time at ASG. Are they doing a bra session? I would love to have a class on making those.

  3. Your dress looks great! Thanks for the tip about the gathers versus the pleats. I know I don't need the extra fluff across the middle.


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