UPS Visits Two Days in Row!

I love to get mail, through the Post Office. My DH thinks I am crazy that way. He's right.

What I like even better is UPS deliveries particularly when I am awaiting something relating to sewing!?!?! It was great to come home from work Tuesday and Wednesday to find a package on the front porch (stoop- for my friends in PA). Tuesday my Rowenta Steamer that I ordered from Peggy Sagers during the ASG Conference arrived. I tried it out last night and plan to press some fabric that I pretreated for my upcoming new blouse.

Yesterday a bigger package was awaiting me. It was my new dress form-Uniquely You. This is going to take me sometime to put together. But I really like the form. It is a foam material. The cover is a cotton fabric that you fit to yourself by letting out or taking up seams. You wear it and adjust the fit. You then, put this fitted cover over your form which I am assuming from my reading of instructions that will then compress the foam to your specific shape. I am going to solicit a sewing buddy to help with this. As your weight may change over a period of time, you then readjust the form cover. Interesting to me is that this came from Greensboro, NC. I never knew the company was there. They are about two hours from Roanoke.

Here is a link to Peggy's site and my new steam generator.
My dress form, my cover is beige.


  1. Please let us know how your dress form is working out.

  2. That's the form I'm interested in also. Please keep us informed on how well it works for you.

  3. Linda ~ me too! me too! I love mail! I love my UPS guy! My kids think I am crazy because if I am home I am always sending them to the mailbox. I have one daughter who goes, if it's 4:00 it's time to go get mail! Glad that you got such interesting things in the mail and good luck with your dressform!


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