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Year ending! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I can hardly believe that 2013 is about to come to an end.  I now understand why my grandmother always said to me when I used to say when I was in my late teens--"I wish I was 21 now".  She told me not to wish my life away as it will go by fast enough.  I understand that now much better; the years seem to just go by way to fast.

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! 

I plan to post my Top 5  2013 hits/misses and inspirations tomorrow.  Off now to drink a Skinny Girl White Cranberry Cosmo and hopefully stay awake for the New Year!!

Garments in process

Here is photo of camel/black skirt waiting to be hemmed-
I am actually pleased with the final outcome of this skirt.  I drafted a pattern using Pattern Master Boutique, a software program for pattern drafting.  I definitely drafted it too large, so there were lots of fitting issues during the sewing process.  Once all were made, I think it looks very much like the inspiration skirt.

Today was second day of vacation and spent most of the day in sewing room.  Instead of hemming the skirt, I finished final tweaks to M6844 and cut out fabric using  two double knit fabric from stash.  One piece was material used to make a Butterick dress and Magic pencil skirt.  I also used the black double knit from the dress also.
I almost finished the cardigan, just a little more to go.  I know that future versions will require a few more tweaks.  I will share more details later. 

McCall's 6844

I made all the pattern adjustments this morning to the pattern-two people indicated that the shoulder was long so made an adjustment to the length.  I found the sleeves to be very snug when pin fitting the pattern so added width to those.  I also made swayback and forward shoulder adjustment. 

I also made a small FBA.  I know most people said the pattern ran large.  I purchased the xs-s-m size pattern based on upper chest measurement and will cut out the medium size pattern buying.  The finished width per the pattern is 36 which is a tad to snug for me.  Decided that I needed this adjustment and since it is a stretch fabric I would not made a larger than an inch FBA.  I think before I cut into this boucle knit fabric:
I will sew up a double knit that I have in my stash that I have used in some other projects and have enough to test the pattern with it.  If it works, then I will have another cardigan to wear in a different color.

Off to the sewing room-trying to make good use of my vac…

Finding my sewing mojo again!

With Christmas over and returning to a bit of normalcy, I found myself ready to sew again.  I have almost completed the black and camel skirt. It just needs hemming.  Photos and more to follow.

Friday was my last working day until Next Year!!!  I began my "New Year" holiday on Friday, taking my final vacation hours for the year and celebrating New Year's Day.  Will be doing as much sewing as possible.
My next project is the McCall's 6844 knit cardigan/jacket.  I have two fabrics I planned to use to make this.  Once is an off white-oatmeal-color knit boucle from Fabric Mart and the other one is a sweater knit from EOS.

Based on reviews many reviewers indicate that the pattern runs large.  I find most McCall's patterns to run large on me in the shoulder and upper chest area.  I have cut around the pattern pieces and will pin fit later today.

Off to the sewing room now!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope your Christmas is a good one.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  It is great to share sewing ideas, suggestions, new pattern reviews etc. with each other. 

Christmas Eve

Hard to believe it is almost Christmas! 

I had a pleasant Christmas Eve day.  I have today and Christmas off.  I needed to pick up pies for Christmas dinner so was up early to get dressed to go to Fresh Market.  I was somewhat dreading the potential of finding the market crowded with other last minute shoppers.

I must have gone at the right time as I was able to find a decent parking place; able to maneuver through the crowds which were relatively small, retrieve two pies and get in a not so long check-out line.  I was out the door in 30 minutes or less. Leaving the center I was beginning to see more and more vehicles entering the parking lot and smiled knowing my timing was just right.

I then ran to the post office where again lines were short; earlier in the week I saw long lines and glad I had shipped via UPS.

I came home and watched a sewing video by Louise Cutting and then finally did some sewing on my black and camel skirt.  The facings and lining are complete and ready to be at…

Sewing Mojo on Holiday

I wish I had something new to report-I don't.  This past week has been consumed with preparations for Christmas.  Gift shopping, gift wrapping, gift packing consumed most of my evenings last week. 

I did take vacation day on Friday and that too was spent on getting groceries for the holidays and getting a much need manicure.  Yesterday was more holiday shopping.  I did however wash knits recently purchased from Fabric Mart yesterday; that helped me get back to doing something sewing related.   I just have not had the mojo for sewing.

I also have neglected the housework of late and my cleaning mojo took over for sewing.  Sometimes you just have to clean the house.

I do have some time off next week and taking the last week of December off returning to work in the new year.   I just like saying that!!! It makes me think I am in control of work time----

I have plans to get into sewing room later today and hopefully will share something of more value sewing wise later.


I did enjoy my husband's company's Holiday party.  Nice fellowship, food and fun.

Some progress made on the skirt.  I have sewn the lining unit making all the fitting adjustments on it that I needed with the skirt.  I still need to sew the side seams of the skirt now that I have the fit just right.  All markings have been made along the basting stitches; ready to sew when I can get into the sewing room for some sewing time.

I have done very well with the pattern diet.  I received four patterns from Lisel & Company from a Pattern Review 12 days of Christmas give away, some immediate pattern gratification with that.

I have seen a few new patterns from independent pattern makers that have struck a chord for me.  I will have to wait until March though!  That's the plan and hoping to make it through.  So much temptation.

More later.

Where did the week go? 10 more days til Christmas!!!!

I spent three days out of town on business last week so all sewing came to a halt.  I didn't even get a chance to find a fabric store :-(

Yesterday morning I did spend a short time in the sewing room working on my skirt.  I truly drafted this too large. I had to take up the back seam a little and take much deeper side seams; I cut off 5/8 of an inch on the side seams after the first fitting, I drafted this with too much ease.  I still took a deeper waist to hip seam after doing this.  Now that I have the seams basted to fit I will mark and sew.  Will need to adjust the lining as well.

I pulled out my copy of the Easy Guide to Sewing Linings.  This book is worth its weight in gold.  There was a section on facings and linings and suggested methods of using together.  After reading this section I am going to use the easy method of attaching the facings to the lining.  The lining will help serve as interfacing, yet I think I will interface the facings using lightweight interfacing for…

Camel/black skirt

Here is the camel/black skirt front on cutting table. 

Here is the front pinned on the AlmaMarie.

This is a close up of the front zipper

I was not able to make much sewing progress this weekend.  This is not that complicated of a skirt to sew; the more time consuming part-intalling the zipper-has now been done.  Next is to baste side seams for fitting and then finish sewing lining pieces together and attach at waist line and hem!

More business travel next week so this will not get attention until I return.

Wearing the faux leather skirt

I actually posted a photo of me wearing the faux leather skirt earlier this week, but the photo looked "wonky", so took down the post.  I tried posting via Picasa and it just did not work right.

So without further ado, here is the faux leather skirt as worn to work on Wednesday.

Inspiration skirt is up next

I started on the camel/black skirt today.  The pattern I am using is one I drafted using Pattern Master Boutique.  I had not cut out the lining fabric until this AM and that is now complete

Let me say that sewing on this fabric is a breath of fresh air after sewing the faux leather!!  I sewed the darts and the center back seam in both the fabric and lining this AM.  I had to stop at that point as I had some other home chores to completed that has not gotten my attention during my time off.

I am trying to decide my garment of the month for December.  It will not be this skirt.  I am thinking of making McCall's 6844.  Most likely I will use the newest fabric purchase from EOS.



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