Sewing Mojo on Holiday

I wish I had something new to report-I don't.  This past week has been consumed with preparations for Christmas.  Gift shopping, gift wrapping, gift packing consumed most of my evenings last week. 

I did take vacation day on Friday and that too was spent on getting groceries for the holidays and getting a much need manicure.  Yesterday was more holiday shopping.  I did however wash knits recently purchased from Fabric Mart yesterday; that helped me get back to doing something sewing related.   I just have not had the mojo for sewing.

I also have neglected the housework of late and my cleaning mojo took over for sewing.  Sometimes you just have to clean the house.

I do have some time off next week and taking the last week of December off returning to work in the new year.   I just like saying that!!! It makes me think I am in control of work time----

I have plans to get into sewing room later today and hopefully will share something of more value sewing wise later.


  1. I hate when the mojo leaves. Bleh. And when you have to clean the house :)

    Can't wait to see what you make next!

    1. I am hoping for some sewing mojo renewal soon! It is fun to read what others are doing as it serves for inspiration and to look forward to sewing again.

  2. Yes, this time of year is not good for the sewing mojo. In some ways it is a very tedious time of year, for just that reason :)

    Have a great holiday Linda.

  3. Have a great Christmas also Sarah!


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