Christmas Eve

Hard to believe it is almost Christmas! 

I had a pleasant Christmas Eve day.  I have today and Christmas off.  I needed to pick up pies for Christmas dinner so was up early to get dressed to go to Fresh Market.  I was somewhat dreading the potential of finding the market crowded with other last minute shoppers.

I must have gone at the right time as I was able to find a decent parking place; able to maneuver through the crowds which were relatively small, retrieve two pies and get in a not so long check-out line.  I was out the door in 30 minutes or less. Leaving the center I was beginning to see more and more vehicles entering the parking lot and smiled knowing my timing was just right.

I then ran to the post office where again lines were short; earlier in the week I saw long lines and glad I had shipped via UPS.

I came home and watched a sewing video by Louise Cutting and then finally did some sewing on my black and camel skirt.  The facings and lining are complete and ready to be attached to the skirt.  Sewing mojo slowly returning.

Yesterday I received a small package via the postal service from Anita's Little Stitches in Texas.  Earlier this year Susan Khalje presented a program to our Sewing Guild and several of our members participated in a sewing retreat and shopping expedition with her.  One of the items she had available at our guild meeting was a really cool wrist pin cushion.  I wanted to purchase one but had to leave early and thought I would go online and purchase from her website.  I was amazed at the price. it was around $30 and the pin cushion was from France.  I decided I did not need that pricey pin cushion.  The one I have used for years-over 25 years-came from Nancy's Nations.

In doing a Google search, on Bohin products from France,  I came across Anita's Little Stitches site.  The price is still a little steep but about 1/2 the price on SK's site.  I decided this would be my sewing Christmas present to myself.  I also decided to try Bohin sewing machine needles. 

I tried out the pin cushion today and it fits wrist nicely.  It is adjustable making it comfortable to wear while sewing, cutting, pressing and more.  I am not affiliated in anyway with this company just wanting to show my sewing present to me.

More later.


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