Garments in process

Here is photo of camel/black skirt waiting to be hemmed-
I am actually pleased with the final outcome of this skirt.  I drafted a pattern using Pattern Master Boutique, a software program for pattern drafting.  I definitely drafted it too large, so there were lots of fitting issues during the sewing process.  Once all were made, I think it looks very much like the inspiration skirt.
Colorblock Skirt  - Undeniably flattering, this must-have power piece rocks the colorblock with a bold contrast stripe, punctuated with an exposed metal zipper for a bit of edgy detail. Exposed metal front zipper with snap closure. Lined. 23" from top edge.
Today was second day of vacation and spent most of the day in sewing room.  Instead of hemming the skirt, I finished final tweaks to M6844 and cut out fabric using  two double knit fabric from stash.  One piece was material used to make a Butterick dress and Magic pencil skirt.  I also used the black double knit from the dress also.
I almost finished the cardigan, just a little more to go.  I know that future versions will require a few more tweaks.  I will share more details later. 


  1. Sounds like you are on a roll - go, girl! the skirt looks just like the inspiration skirt to me. great work!

  2. Love that skirt. Dress is lovely too.

  3. The skirt does look very much like the inspiration. You are getting lots done.

    1. I wish I thought I was getting a lot done, sometimes I think I am running in place!

  4. Lovely skirt, I will keep this in mind too.


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