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It is a jacket

I have two more things to do to complete the KS jacket; but it is jacket nonetheless.  This is the  jacket on Alma Marie.  I used my iPhone to take this and the color is really washed out.

I need to topstitch around the front, collar and bottom of the jacket.  I also need to stitch a buttonhole and either make a button from the fabric or find a button.  Also need an inside snap.

Here is a view of the back.
Again a washed out look.  I don't like the wrinkles that appear in the back and more noticeable in photos than in real life.  I will post some shots later of me wearing this after topstiching and adding the button.

Sewing Saturday

We got more snow yesterday; we did not lose power as we did last week.  Yeah!  So this AM I was able to start sewing on my jacket for some nice uninterrupted sewing time as DH is sleeping in this morning.

I cut out the lining fabric last night and this morning I completed the lining unit except for inserting sleeves.  I am taking a neck/shoulder break at this time and wanted to post update on my progress.  I believe I will have this jacket completed today.

I have a lot of sewing ideas going on in my head and not sure what will be next.  I have a navy blue skirt I completed in November and this jacket will go with that.  I also have a stash fabric  that goes with this jacket in terms of color very well; I only need to decide is it a skirt or a dress.  I am trying to visualize this jacket as being one I could wear with a dress.  More auditioning is needed at this time.

I also have another jacket I want to make out of black/white fabric I acquired from EOS last year.  I have so many blac…

A box and some fabrics

Returning to work after a holiday can prove to be a long day; it is like a double Monday sometimes.  It was nice to come home and find a box on the porch.  This was the boxThis was inside the box:This is a gray metallic viscose/rayon knit.Left side of photo is the wrong side of the fabric and right side of photo is the right side of the fabric.  I think I will use both.This is damask in black with gold floral print. I fell in love with this fabric awhile back and after seeing these pants  I decided I had to buy this fabric.  I will not be sewing up a pair of pants.  I just don’t sew pants, maybe someday but this will either be a skirt which was my original plan all along but it could become a sheath style dress.When I purchased this fabric I also broke down and purchased a few Style Arc patterns.  The postage is a killer but I do like the pattern line and wanted a few of her top patterns.  Yeah, like I really need more patterns.  I am running out of space now.  Such is the life of a f…

Jacket unit is complete

I was able to insert the sleeves this afternoon.  I did not get the lining cut out as hoped.  Here is a shot of the jacket.  Sorry that the photo is not better; I used my Samsung Galaxy Player to take the photo.

I think I will add small shoulder pads and sleeve head to give the shoulder and top of arms better shaping. I had pinned one shoulder pad in place and I thought it improved the look of the jacket.

Normally with KS patterns I use a small in the upper chest and shoulder area, tapering to large at the bust area.  With this jacket I decided to use a medium in the upper chest and shoulder area since I plan to wear heavier weight tops under the jacket and wanted the fit to not be too tight.  This seemed to be the right solution for the fabric I am using for this jacket as well.

If I had just one more day, I could have finished the jacket.  Next jacket may be a Sewaholic pattern.

Sewing progress on the KS jacket

Well I have had a great morning of sewing.  I got up early and started washing clothes.  I also prepared fixings for vegetable beef soup in the crock pot and then moved into the sewing room after a light breakfast.  I have made great progress with my jacket.  I am to the point of inserting the sleeves and then I have got to cut the lining fabric.  So happy to be at that stage finally.

Because I have spent a significant amount of time sewing, my usual neck ache started and so decided I need to take a break.  I have got to run to Walmart for a few household paper goods and the like.  I plan to cut out the lining when I return and see how much more sewing I can accomplish before dinner.  Nice holiday so far.

I will post photos later.

The best laid plans

This is a long weekend for me and my plan was to finish the KS jacket and moved on to the next jacket.  Thursday a quick developing snow storm blanketed our area with anywhere from 12 inches to as low as less than an inch of snow.  We got about 5 inches.  I was so delighted that we did not lose power during Thursday night.  Friday AM, power went out at 6 AM and did not come back on until Saturday evening.

DH and I spent Friday night at a local hotel; it was just to dang cold in the house without heat.  In checking with the power company on Saturday morning, it appeared that we would not get power until late Saturday night.  So we decided to extend our stay another night at the hotel.

Saturday was my birthday and we kept our dinner plans with another couple.  We had a great dinner together and spent a lot of time talking, laughing and catching up.  Prior to traveling to their home, we learned our power came back on around 4 PM, so that was a nice birthday present from our local power …

Photo update KS3827

Jacket in progress as seen on Alma Marie.  Back, side front, collar and center front pieces attached. Also inseam pockets attached.Here is a look at the back again with topstitching completed except for center seam.  I decided to not topstitch that until another fitting to be sure that I do not need to take a deeper seam in center back.  I sharpened the shot to provide a better look at the topstitching.Inseam pocket.Topstitched inseam pocket edge.

Looking like a jacket

Yesterday I did not get to sew very much as I was taking advantage of the 70 degree weather were having and participating in some outside activities.  This AM I have been very productive and the jacket is beginning to really look like a jacket.  I did not take any photos along the way; I needed to take a sewing break and will shoot some photos later.

I will say there are many sewing steps along the way with this pattern.  I would not describe it as easy to sew only because there are numerous pieces to sew together, lots of topstitching, etc.  I still have to cut out lining fabric.  My plan is to finish the jacket unit today and then lining steps come next.

Club BMV sale

I took advantage of the end of the year into the new year sale with Club BMV.  I only purchased two patterns from Vogue.  Vogue 8865 and Vogue 8866.  I wanted V8865 for the longest time; yet I kept putting off purchasing it.  I then saw in the new Vogue Pattern Magazine the jacket made up in white and for whatever reason at that moment I decided that for the next sale I would buy it.

As to Vogue 8866 I sort of like the jacket but think it has to much pleated peplum going on for me.  It was the dress that caught my eye again from the Vogue Pattern Magazine.  I really have way too many patterns now.  So one of my goals for 2013 is to sew up many of the unused patterns I have on hand.  I want say I will not buy more patterns 'cause that most likely will not happen.

No new progress to report on my jacket.  This week has thus far been all consuming with work and it is coming home with me as well.

Progress on KS Jacket

This is an interesting jacket with the multiple back jacket pieces.  It feels like piecing a quilt. All back pieces have been stitched together.  One piece, the side back panel piece, did create a small issue and is due to the pattern not quite matching up the way it should.

While pin fitting the pattern pieces previously, I found this pattern piece not working well with the back panel piece it is attached to.  I thought that part of the issue is where I transition from medium to large and in part it is.  However when I matched up the original pattern piece, not my traced version, to the other original panel piece using same size I found that there is a fitting issue as result of the pattern draft.  Even with the adjustment I made to my traced pattern piece there was still an attachment issue but very solvable.

I basted the side front piece to the back jacket unit at the shoulder and side seams.  I just wanted to get a general idea of the fit.  The instructions call for topstitching …

Next up Kwik Sew Jacket

I want to work on a few jackets for my next sewing projects.  I decided to use a Kwik Sew pattern to sew up the blue faux suede fabric acquired last year from Les Fabrique.  I have traced the numerous pattern pieces; there are several for the back of the jacket.  I pin fitted the pattern and made my usual forward shoulder adjustment.  I did not have to make a FBA--yeah!

I traced a medium for the shoulders and upper chest/ back area tapering to large for bust to bodice bottom.  I shortened the sleeves by an inch and think that I will end up taking a deeper seam as the jacket sleeves are rather full from elbow to wrist.  Before I cut the fabric I will raise underarm about 1/2 inch and adjust the sleeve cap accordingly.

Now that I have to go back to work today, I feel real motivated to go and sew.  We have another holiday later in the month so will get one more long weekend to sew.

More later.

First Garment of 2013-Magic Pencil Skirt

Yeah!  Completed my first garment for 2013.  Hopefully this is good omen for sewing for 2013.  My review is below and will post on PR.  I have not posted much there in the past several months.
Pattern Description: Pamela’s Patterns-Magic Pencil Skirt

Pattern Sizing: Small
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Super easy instructions to follow.  The instructions include fitting suggestions, how to attach elastic, etc.  Excellent pattern for any beginner to try.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I love the ease of making this skirt.  There is not much to dislike at all.  Once you have perfected the fit you could sew up several in one setting.  I have made three skirts thus far; the new one I added a lining.
Fabric Used:The fabric I used for this one is a printed light weight double knit from Vogue Fabrics.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:  The only…


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