Sewing Saturday

We got more snow yesterday; we did not lose power as we did last week.  Yeah!  So this AM I was able to start sewing on my jacket for some nice uninterrupted sewing time as DH is sleeping in this morning.

I cut out the lining fabric last night and this morning I completed the lining unit except for inserting sleeves.  I am taking a neck/shoulder break at this time and wanted to post update on my progress.  I believe I will have this jacket completed today.

I have a lot of sewing ideas going on in my head and not sure what will be next.  I have a navy blue skirt I completed in November and this jacket will go with that.  I also have a stash fabric  that goes with this jacket in terms of color very well; I only need to decide is it a skirt or a dress.  I am trying to visualize this jacket as being one I could wear with a dress.  More auditioning is needed at this time.

I also have another jacket I want to make out of black/white fabric I acquired from EOS last year.  I have so many black pants and skirts that this will be an added jacket and not necessarily do I need to make anything to go with it.

Updates later.  Going to look at the new Vogue patterns I read about on other blogs late last night.  Yeah, like I need more patterns.  I am still waiting for my StyleArc patterns that I ordered.  Hopefully the postman will deliver soon.



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