Club BMV sale

I took advantage of the end of the year into the new year sale with Club BMV.  I only purchased two patterns from Vogue.  Vogue 8865 and Vogue 8866.  I wanted V8865 for the longest time; yet I kept putting off purchasing it.  I then saw in the new Vogue Pattern Magazine the jacket made up in white and for whatever reason at that moment I decided that for the next sale I would buy it.

As to Vogue 8866 I sort of like the jacket but think it has to much pleated peplum going on for me.  It was the dress that caught my eye again from the Vogue Pattern Magazine.  I really have way too many patterns now.  So one of my goals for 2013 is to sew up many of the unused patterns I have on hand.  I want say I will not buy more patterns 'cause that most likely will not happen.

No new progress to report on my jacket.  This week has thus far been all consuming with work and it is coming home with me as well.


  1. I like both patterns and considered purchasing them as well. As far as too many patterns, I could open up my own pattern store. Lol I like your idea to try to sew unused patterns in 2013.

  2. I love city shorts, walking shorts or whatever they are called now. Jos has Vogue and McCall on sale the middle of this month. I have a list.


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