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Sunday Sewing Mojo Gone

My usual routine for Sunday AM is to get up, drink some coffee, read emails/blogs and go to my sewing room.  There was no sewing mojo this AM.  I think I used it up trying to finish the tops to  participate in the One Pattern Many Looks contest on PR. 

I also had some other items to take care of and decided they needed some priority over sewing.  I will do some cleaning up of the sewing room this afternoon and set up machines for my second Butterick dress with neckline ruffle.  That one is ready to sew.

I did browse through some sewing photos of others while reading through blogs and found this photo.  I saved it to my favorites.  Boxy tops are in, the Sorbetto tops are rather boxy.  Of particular interest was the white scalloped edge top in the bottom of the photo.  I had not seen this before making the yellow eyelet top.  Good minds think alike.


All three

Here are the three Sorbetto tops.

Sorbetto 3

Small incremental sewing during the week.  To enter the PR contest has to be complete by 7/31.  I'll make it.

I have a dress pattern cut out and ready to sew next.  But may deviate from that.  Updates later.

Sorbetto Top 2 and 3

I completed top 2 yesterday, late night.  This morning I cut out top 3 using fabric and lining from my stash.Top 2 was a multi color striped fabric acquired from Jo Ann fabrics about a month or so ago.  It is a polyester crinkled fabric with very sheer stripes between colors with metallic thread running through it.  The lining I used was lining acquired from Fabric Mart and was included in a bundle package over a year or so ago.  I call it an oyster color as it matched the “oyster” color serger thread from Maxi Lock.Here is the completed top 2After attaching the lining and sewing side seams, I decided to edgestitch the neckline to keep the pleated area from rolling out.I used the rolled hem setting on my serger to hem the top.Top 3 is still a work in progress.  The fabric used was a yellow cotton eyelet from  Acquired over two years or more ago.  I decided I wanted to use a contrasting color for the lining and chose a warm green lining fabric also from my stash.The eyelet …

Second Sorbetto Progress

I have almost completed the second Sorbetto top.  This one is lined.  The only thing left to do is hem the fabric and the lining fabric. 

I want to make one more and think I can complete it so I can enter the three tops in the PR contest-One Pattern Different Looks.  My ambition with this contest was to make four tops, but three will probably be it.

I am going to use fabric from my stash - a yellow scalloped edged eyelet fabric I purchased two years or so ago from

More later.

New Fabrics

Last week at our ASG meeting, our speaker was the owner of Les Fabriques in Charlottesville, VA.  She presented Christmas in July.  She shared with us many gift ideas that one can sew up for Christmas gifts for friends and family.    In addition she showed several garments made from apparel fabric that she sales in addition to quilting fabric.  When she presents to our chapter, she always brings fabrics, embroidery packages as well as some notions.  I for one can not resist not buying up some of her apparel fabric.

Here is what I purchased:
Two cotton fabrics-for blouse and skirt.  The floral print fabric is unique to me as it looks like it has raised areas somewhat like a jacquard, but it is just the print of the fabric.  I really want to make this one up soon to wear for the remainder of this summer.

Sorbetto 2

I did find a few extra minutes to do so additional sewing on the Sorbetto 2 top Sunday.  I sewed the front pleat and darts in the fabric.  I also sewed the darts in the lining fabric.  I cut the front pattern piece on the fold using the pleating line as the fold line.  Shoulder seams are sewn on the fabric and lining.  And that was the final sewing for my sewcation.

Next steps are to attach the lining and fabric at neckline.  But before doing that I plan to baste side seams in the lining fabric to try on for any fitting adjustments.

This will be a busy work week so I may not get to do any sewing until the weekend. Updates to follow.  I also need to post about new fabric purchases last week.

Stay/sewcation ending

It has to be written somewhere that when your sewcation is about to end and you hope to squeeze in one more project before returning to the world of work, that you can not get your serger to cooperate.  I had to re-thread my serger four times before all the stars in the universe would line up correctly so that the serger would serge appropriately.  Now that all things are in alignment, I was able to stitch the darts in the Sorbetto top and top lining.  Before I had to stop and take care of breakfast etc.

I really am pleased how well the fabric is sewing.  With crinkles, metallic threads running through the fabric, etc. my concern was skipped stitches and such.  I am using a metallic needle and it is sewing beautifully on this fabric (sigh of relief).

More updates later if I can find time to sew again today.

New sewing projects

I cut out two patterns this AM.  Both are repeat patterns and thus all fitting adjustments have been made.

I am going to make another Sorbetto Tank Top.  The fabric is sheer, crinkled polyester fabric acquired from JoAnn's Fabrics.  It is a striped fabric and I am using the wrong side.  I like the pastel look of the wrong side.
I am going to line it using an oyster color lining fabric from my stash. 

I also cut out this fabric to make Butterick 5638.  This is a cotton jacquard acquired from Quilt N Sew in Lynchburg, VA.  I purchased this about a year ago, maybe even two.  For this dress I am going to use the short sleeves instead of making it sleeveless. 

Since my plan for my stay/sewcation was to make tops, I am going to make the Sorbetto top before starting on the dress.  I hope to complete it tomorrow.

M6203 Front view

M6203 Front view, a photo by Danvillegirl on Flickr. Here is the almost complete M6203. This top runs large. I narrowed the shoulder area, reduced the length by one inch and still could reduce it another inch. This has not yet been hemmed. Otherwise it is complete.

M6203 silk gauze knit two staggered layers for neckline

M6203 silk gauze knit two staggered layers for neckline, a photo by Danvillegirl on Flickr. Close up of the neckline.

Sorbetto Top- photos as promised

I completed this top. I now know all the fitting adjustments I need to make and even with this completed one, I think there are a few more tweaks to make. Even taking deeper side seams and taking an even deeper seam at the waist, it still looks a little boxy. The material I used was like a "peachskin" fabric, hard to sew, press and hard on the needle. All in all I like the intent of the style and can see this made up several ways. It was fun using the bias binding as a design touch on the right side. It allowed me to practice topstitching.


My time was consumed most of the day with making the Sorbetto top. (Pictures to follow).  I ended up making several fitting adjustments that included deeper shoulder seams and deeper side seams with from under the bust to hemline.  I even took a deeper seam at the waist area to make the top look less boxy.  I have attached the bias binding to the neckline and one armhole.  One more armhole and hem and we are done!

All in all I like this top.  I actually see a few more of this in my wardrobe for the summer transitioning into fall. 

Tomorrow I want to make the McCall's top.

Day Two Stay/Sewcation

Yesterday (Monday) I spent most all morning in the sewing room trying to fit patterns. Particularly the Sorbetto Top (freebie) from Collette Patterns.  After making two tracings of this pattern, I think I have the sizing right now.  I had to make a FBA, swayback and high upper round back adjustment.    The McCall's knit top also needed a little more tweaking but just minor adjustment.  DH got home from work a little earlier than usual yesterday, so spent some time hanging with him. 

Today I cut out the McCall's top, the Sorbetto Top and another eShrug from Sewing Workshop. I used fabric from my stash for all with one being fabric left over from another project from 2007; a black crinkled fabric-a freebie from an ASG meeting and the McCall's top is from fabric I purchased last year from Denver Fabrics.  I had planned to use another knit fabric but it did not meet the knit stretch factor necessary for this.

The serger is set up already for the Sorbetto Top.  The bias tape r…

Where did last week go and what's ahead

I hardly spent anytime during the past week in my sewing room.  Completing one wadder and one top last weekend was the last sewing I did.  Things were crazy at work with a colleague leaving to take a position in another state.  It was like a week of cramming for an upcoming exam.  There was a lot I needed to finalize with her before she left.

Next week-a stay/sewcation.  Yes.  This AM I spent time adjusting a pattern for another knit top/tunic.  It is a McCall's pattern.  I hope I did not flub up too much on the pattern adjustment.  I had to make a FBA of about 2 inches and I wanted to get rid of the resulting dart.  I followed a technique that Debbie Cook posted about and have used it several times.  But I think I may end up with an issue with this one. 

I plan to use a knit fabric that has been in my stash for several years to test it.  It is one that I was not overly crazy about after purchasing, thus if outcome is negative, I want be overly concerned about the loss of this pa…


I sewed the eShrug pattern from Sewing Workshop.  This shrug has potential but mine did not turn out so well.  Operator error not the pattern.The stretch lace fabric was a bit fiddly to work with.  All went well until I put in the sleeves.  I did not mark the notches and dots well enough.  Rather hard to do with multi-colored lace.  I need to determine a system for this type marking with stretch lace.  I should have use thread to mark.  As  result, the sleeves are all wonky.  Again my error not the pattern.Using 20-20 hindsight, I should have tried this with a more substantial fabric instead of lace.  I have not sewn with lace much and probably would have been better to have done this.  I have enough fabric to cut out new sleeves but I think undoing the serged seams will make a mess of the fabric.  I actually may have enough fabric to remake the whole thing.  But only after testing it with another fabric first.You can see it on AlmaMarieProductive and restful holiday weekend.  I hope …

V8710 Complete

I completed the knit top and I am truly pleased with the outcome.  It fits very well and I plan to make the other knit top and hope it fits as well.Here are a few shots of the topOn a hangerHere is a view of the side panel with topstitchingAnd a shot of the hem.  I used my coverstitch hem for the neckline, sleeves and top hem.And one final view from the side

Top almost completed

I have only brief moments of time to sew thus far this holiday weekend.  I basted shoulder and side seams this AM to test the fit.  Perfect!  I was happy about this as various types of knits behave differently.  This is stretching appropriately.  I attached the front and back at shoulder seams as well as attaching the neckband.  I set up coverstitch machine to use around neckline and elsewhere for hemming. 

Next attach sleeves, sew side seams and hem!!

I will then set up machines for the eShurg.  I have a few other ideas for tops to at least get cut out this weekend if not sewn.

Off to brunch!  Later.

Quick note

I started sewing the Vogue knit top this AM.  Have some running around to do and wanted to get in a little sewing before showering and going out.  Front and side front pieces are sewn together, ready to be topstitched.

The knit fabric has been in my stash for soooo long, I really don't remember when or where I purchased it.  I do know that it sews great and good recovery.

More later.  Wishing everyone who celebrates July 4 a great holiday weekend.


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