New Fabrics

Last week at our ASG meeting, our speaker was the owner of Les Fabriques in Charlottesville, VA.  She presented Christmas in July.  She shared with us many gift ideas that one can sew up for Christmas gifts for friends and family.    In addition she showed several garments made from apparel fabric that she sales in addition to quilting fabric.  When she presents to our chapter, she always brings fabrics, embroidery packages as well as some notions.  I for one can not resist not buying up some of her apparel fabric.

Here is what I purchased:
Embroidered ombre silk organza

Two cotton fabrics-for blouse and skirt.  The floral print fabric is unique to me as it looks like it has raised areas somewhat like a jacquard, but it is just the print of the fabric.  I really want to make this one up soon to wear for the remainder of this summer.


  1. You have a very active ASG group. Lucky you! Love those fabrics, and especially the yellows. Make a beautiful thing with them.

  2. The yellow/floral fabric combo is sooooooo pretty! These pieces will make a great combo!

  3. Those are beautiful fabrics. I have bought way to much fabric lately, but I just can't resist.

  4. Your blouse and skirt fabrics are totally something I would enjoy wearing. Way to go!


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