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Another KS

This is the fabric I am using for the second KS top. It is cut out and ready to sew. More on this later.

Another top completed

I completed the LoesHinsev-neck tunic pattern yesterday evening. I cut out a small in the neckline/upper chest area and raised the neckline about 5/8 inch as the photo of the model indicated to me that this top would be low cut. I made a small FBA which in the end I did not need. I cut a large through the bust to bottom.
The knit I used was from EOS acquired in 2007. It was labeled Chico knit as it was a knit fabric used for items sold by Chicos. This knit was rather stretchy, similar to slinky but more bulk than slinky. Has a raised surface.
Due to stretch of the knit, I ended up taking 3/4 inch seams along the raglan sleeve attachments to front and back; 5/8 inch seams through the shoulder and upper sleeve seam. I used 3/8 seam allowance through the side seams. I then took an additional 1/2 inch seam through the underarm area tapering back to 3/8 at waistline area. I also reduced the sleeve and bodice lengths by two inches prior to cutting out the pattern. Being short this top would …

Anoter KS pattern

I cut out the LoesHinses pattern. While my cutting table was so clear after cutting that top, I decided to cut another KS 3658 using some a velvety knit fabric I have had in my stash forever. So long and from where that I don't know. It is a lovely green/gold fabric. I cannot find a photo of it in my fabric photo file. I had just enough to cut out the top. I am thinking it will look nice for an upcoming Christmas luncheon for our ASG.

I have some tasks to do today and hope to get some sewing time in later this afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to say Thank You to all who read my blog, take time to comment and for sharing your sewing passion with me. I am thankful for having joined the "blogging world" and met so many people virtually and in reality.

I hope you have a blessed day!

Next up-Loes Hinses V neck tunic

I have had this pattern for a long time. Since I am participating in Faye Lewis's Month of Tops, I thought this is a perfect time to try this one. I have pin fitted and made FBA and swayback adjustments. I also raised the neckline about 5/8 inch as well. I also shortened the length by 2 inches and adjusted the sleeves by shortening 1.5 inches.
This is the fabric I cut out to make this. I acquired this from EOS in 2007. It was labeled as Chico knit. I thought the colors looked like fall/winter colors. This should go with brown as well as black pants.

Simplicity 2599 back on AlmaMarie

Simplicity 2599 back on AlmaMarie
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Back view of Simplicity 2599

Simplicity 2599 on AlmaMarie

Simplicity 2599 on AlmaMarie
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Here is the top on the dress form.

Top is complete!

I just finished the top. This has been a real challenge and I am so pleased that I had enough fabric left to cut out a new front and new back pattern pieces.

There are a few things that bug me about this pattern. Having said that, now that I have the pattern fitting appropriately, I want to make another one using the ruffles down the front and/or flounces. I think also a fabric with more drape than dupioni would work better for those particular views.

I decided not to add the tie or the rose to the neckline on this top. I think the ruffle is enough of a design.

Here is a shot of the back of the top. I have to sew on a button for the closure at the top. I will try to take some photos of the top on me later.

Update and response to Simplicity pattern comments

I am making good progress on the refurbished Simplicity 2599 pattern. I had problems with Simplicity 2594, another top pattern. The fullness is in the waist to hip area. The pattern is straight through those areas thus giving the top a boxy shape; at least on me it is. I normally cut a 14 in the upper chest area and then taper to 16 from bust to hip. With this pattern, I ended up cutting a 14 from shoulder to bottom on the second front and back pattern pieces. I still have fullness in the back and took a slightly deeper seam just below the opening area. All I have left to do now, is hem the top and attach the ruffle edge around the neckline. I think I will leave off the tie as I think it will be too long and my fabric is silk dupioni and the tie will look somewhat thick. I still may try the rose in place of the tie. Several commented that they have had issues with some other Simplicity patterns being too big. This is the second top I have made and my last one was too big also. I don'…

Kwik Sew 3658

I wrote briefly about this top in this post. I took some more photos of it with me wearing it. I finished the hemming of it yesterday. I do like the fit of this top. Yesterday I was wearing a different bra than the one I wore when fitting and sewing it. I think that makes some difference in the feel and look.

My DH took these shots so you could get an idea of how this looks at the neckline. I added some notes about the collar and the shoulder position. I made a decision that the next top I would reduce the height of the collar on me as this rides up higher than what I prefer or need.

I took another shoulder shot in the mirror.

I have another solid color knit I am thinking about using to make another top. I am not sure how I feel about this being made up in a print.

Simplicity Wadder

This is status of Simplicity top with ruffle neckline---WADDER! Fortunately I believe I have enough fabric to cut another front and back pieces. This top runs large, just like the last Simplicity blouse I made.

I took the front pattern piece and cut out the 14 from below bust line to hip line. I did the same with the back piece. I also took a horizontal tuck in the upper chest and back area to better fit that area of this pattern. The 5/8 FBA was still necessary and I extended the length of the bust dart as that proved to be a real issue with the wadder.

I did complete all UFO's-hemmed the KS top; sewed button on DH's shirt; sewed hook and eye on McCall's skirt.

I re-cut the front and back pieces for the Simplicity top. Ready to sew and that is where I am off to at this time. Will post photos of KS top later.


The KS knit top was finished a week or so ago except for the hemming. I decided to follow the instructions and to blind hem the sleeves and top. I did not use the blind hem stitch on my sewing machine as my thread is just off enough that the machine blind hem stitch would be too noticeable. So I am doing by hand. I have one sleeve done.

I don't like the hand work involved in sewing much at all. I truly try to use my machine as much as possible. I have to run some errands with DH this AM so sewing is put aside for this evening. Once I complete the hemming on KS top, I plan to resume the sewing of the Simplicity sleeveless top with neckline ruffle.

Time off!

I was surprised that I had not posted anything since last Sunday. I have not sewn anything during the week. I am thinking about it.

The good news is that I begin a few days of vacation and holiday time off. No major plans to travel anywhere but do have plans to sew. More later.

BWOF Jacket

As requested and because DH was available here are some shots of me wearing the BWOF jacket. .

Slow progress on top

DH and I have been doing several home clean up projects thus my sewing time has been sporadic and in spurts. I worked on the Simplicity top Friday evening and did a little sewing on it yesterday afternoon. I worked on it some more this AM and got it to the fitting stage of basting the side seams to determine fit.

BAM! I was concerned that the top might be a little big, this thing is huge. I ended up taking 3/4 inch shoulder seams and took a deeper back seam. I serged off another 5/8 inch from waist to hip on the front and back pieces. I stopped there and will baste it again to see the results.

The fabric has been easy to sew and handle; that's a positive.

Top is cut out.

I ended up changing the fabric for the Simplicity top. The black I was going to use is a real unknown, meaning I have no clue what the fabric type is. It does have some stretch but rather see through as well. Not what I am wanting at this time.

I thought about using a polyester charmeuse, but wasn't up to the challenge of cutting this fabric without some paper underneath the fabric to control the slipping. I have added paper to my ever growing list of things I must purchase tomorrow.

The fabric I selected is a silk dupioni that has been in my fabric stash for at least 4 to 5 years. It is a warm pink shade that I acquired from a silk fabric co-op that does not exist anymore. This was the only fabric I purchased from this co-op. It is a perfect pink color for me as I am not much of pink person. This pink is on the warm side of the scale. It also goes great with the fabric I purchased in October to make a boucle jacket. That fabric contains grey, black,white, pink and yello…

Sewing Patterns : Simplicity Patterns : Misses Tops

I have begun the fitting process for my next top. I am participating in Faye's Month of Tops sewing project. I have various skirts and pants in neutral colors and having a variety of tops increases the wardrobe possibilities. Thus I am focused on completing as many as possible this month.

My next top is this one:
Sewing Patterns : Simplicity Patterns : Misses Tops I am considering View B, but may go with the view with ruffles around the neckline. I have to check the amount of fabric availability.

I love it as it has separate front pattern for various bust sizes. I still had to make a small (5/8 inch) FBA in the D cup pattern. Plus my usual forward shoulder and sway back adjustments. I also will reduce the length of the pattern when I cut out the fabric, as it runs a little long on me. More later.

Sewing tops and blouses

The KS top is complete except for hemming which I hope to do this evening. Here is a not so lovely view of the top laying on my cutting table. It is a knit fabric from Hancocks in Richmond, VA.
I am happy with the fit of the top and will make another one or even two from this.

Pocket closeup-no flap

Pocket closeup-no flap
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I really like this pocket. The pattern called for a flap with a button. I just thought it would be too much for that area on my body. I saw a jacket from Spiegel that had a similar pocket style.

The sleeves had turned up cuffs but I just could not get them to look right. Part of the problem was that I could not get smaller buttons for the cuffs and the size I used for the front just pulled the cuffs down.

The sleeves had not been pressed with I took this photo. I am thinking I may topstitch at the edge to match up with the topstitching at the hemline and center back and center fronts.

Completed BWOF 2-2009 Jacket 115

Completed BWOF 2-2009 Jacket 115
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Yes, Virginia, the BWOF jacket is now complete.

Yeah, I sewed today

After running around doing some shopping this afternoon, I came home and spent some time with DH sitting in the front yard watching squirrels running around the yard and the trees continue to rain leaves onto the yard and cars.

I then decided I would go visit the sewing room. I cut the button holes open on the BWOF jacket and then put that aside. I then decided to work on the KS knit top pattern. I finished it except for the hemming of the top and sleeves! Yahoo! it felt good to sew again and the best part is I love the fit of this top.

I will take photos later.

I signed up for Faye's Month of Top Sew Along so I will be posting the KS top there as well. I pulled out some other knit top patterns and also some woven top patterns. I really need some new tops to wear. I definitely want to make another of the KS top.

UPS Man Delivereth

Well my new fabrics came yesterday. I was pleased with most of the purchase. The coral with taupe knit fabric does not really meet my expectations. It is a bigger print than I thought and there is an overlap of the design in some places. It is hard for me to describe with words. I will have to take a photo for you to see what I see.

I like the coral and taupe color. I think it is more of spring/summer look and thought that when purchasing. It just did not fill me with joy when I pulled it from the box.

The other two knits are exactly as pictured as is the brown herringbone wool fabric. Now if I can only get that sewing mojo to ramp up!

In the Mood

No, I am not in the sewing mood. I am trying but just not quite there. I did press the center seam and neck seam in the KS top this AM after pressing a top to wear to work. I guess that counts as it was and is a necessary part of sewing.

I am adding patterns though. Can't seem to say no to the Club BMV notices.

And I got my new Winter 2009 Vogue Fabric Swatches in the mail today. Looking and touching the samples is a sewing mood booster.

I am enjoying what others are sewing by reading blogs.


I started on the KS knit top. The knit I used was purchased in Richmond, VA at the Hancock's on Midlothian Turnpike. It met the 35% stretch requirement called for with this pattern. I did not sew as much as I wanted today. There were some necessary house cleaning projects that DH and I committed to do today. I hate housework!
I did not work on the Burda jacket yet. I am thinking that the hand sewing required can be done this evening while watching TV. I only have to hem the sleeves and sew on the buttons and it is finally complete. I did order some fabric today from Here is what I purchased, mainly knit fabrics.

All three are a poly-lycra matte jersey. The first two are aqua and chocolate. The bright one is coral with taupe bead like design.
I also purchased a wool herringbone in brown, this will become a skirt.
That's my sewing adventure for this weekend. Somewhat boring!


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