I started on the KS knit top. The knit I used was purchased in Richmond, VA at the Hancock's on Midlothian Turnpike. It met the 35% stretch requirement called for with this pattern. I did not sew as much as I wanted today. There were some necessary house cleaning projects that DH and I committed to do today. I hate housework!

I did not work on the Burda jacket yet. I am thinking that the hand sewing required can be done this evening while watching TV. I only have to hem the sleeves and sew on the buttons and it is finally complete.
I did order some fabric today from Fabric.com. Here is what I purchased, mainly knit fabrics.

All three are a poly-lycra matte jersey. The first two are aqua and chocolate. The bright one is coral with taupe bead like design.
I also purchased a wool herringbone in brown, this will become a skirt.
That's my sewing adventure for this weekend. Somewhat boring!


  1. Wow what lovely fabric. Thanks for looking in at my blog. I'm following you with the tops.

  2. I agree, the fabrics are gorgeous.

  3. the top fabric, I bought today, too.

  4. Ditto on hating housework. I do it. But i hate it. Good luck with your next project. Great fabrics!

  5. I LOVE that tangerine print. Must...stay...off...fabric...sites.

  6. Why, oh why, do you keep doing this? I just love those fabrics you bought. Now I am going to have to make myself stay away from fabric.com!! You keep showing me things I MUST have!!!!

  7. I like them all, but I think my favorite is the border print. Looking forward to seeing what they turn into!


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