Sewing this evening

We (DH and I) went to Danville to visit MIL and DH's niece. We returned home and picked up Chinese takeout for dinner. After eating I spent some time in the sewing room. I decided to finish up the Burda jacket. That became a real task.

First I tested the buttonhole on a scrap of fabric. That worked well. When I attempted to sew the first buttonhole on the jacket, the fabric puckered. I decided to reduce the foot tension which was a good idea. My sewing machine-Husqvarna SE-has a sensor button hole foot that for whatever strange reason did not work like it is suppose to. With this foot, you program in the button size and the machine is suppose to sew the correct size buttonhole.

The sensor worked on the first buttonhole; the second it did not stop at the beginning point and I had to manually move through the buttonhole steps as if I was not using the sensor foot. The results on the third was not very good either. This is the first time I have had this issue with the sensor foot. Not sure if it was the fabric or the foot or combination of both.

The jacket calls for a turned up cuff. I am not happy with how the cuffs look and have decided not to attach them. I turned up the hem after serge finishing the edge. I will sew the buttons on tomorrow.

I like the jacket but don't think I will make another one from this pattern. I think I will wear the jacket more as a casual one. I will take photos of me wearing the completed jacket tomorrow.


  1. Linda - when I read about your buttonhole troubles I wonder if you had used interfacing where the buttonholes were being sewn? Sometimes it takes a little scrap of medium weight interfacing to help the fabric from puckering. Just a thought!

    You can also check out for more great sewing stuff!


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