In the Mood

No, I am not in the sewing mood. I am trying but just not quite there. I did press the center seam and neck seam in the KS top this AM after pressing a top to wear to work. I guess that counts as it was and is a necessary part of sewing.

I am adding patterns though. Can't seem to say no to the Club BMV notices.

And I got my new Winter 2009 Vogue Fabric Swatches in the mail today. Looking and touching the samples is a sewing mood booster.

I am enjoying what others are sewing by reading blogs.


  1. Dare I ask what Club BMV is?? I am truly afraid of finding out if it means I may end up spending money!
    I am looking at right now. I came over here to look at those knits again!

  2. Reading blogs always helps me. There are so many inspirational people out there who make amazing things!


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