UPS Man Delivereth

Well my new fabrics came yesterday. I was pleased with most of the purchase. The coral with taupe knit fabric does not really meet my expectations. It is a bigger print than I thought and there is an overlap of the design in some places. It is hard for me to describe with words. I will have to take a photo for you to see what I see.

I like the coral and taupe color. I think it is more of spring/summer look and thought that when purchasing. It just did not fill me with joy when I pulled it from the box.

The other two knits are exactly as pictured as is the brown herringbone wool fabric. Now if I can only get that sewing mojo to ramp up!


  1. So nice to have you join us Linda. I'm new at this so I think this is how it works. You should get an email invite. I think you respond to that and then you can post on "The Month of Tops" blog.
    Happy sewing!

  2. I am sure the mojo will return soon!! I must use some of the fabric I already have before I look at again!


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