Simplicity Wadder

This is status of Simplicity top with ruffle neckline---WADDER! Fortunately I believe I have enough fabric to cut another front and back pieces. This top runs large, just like the last Simplicity blouse I made.

I took the front pattern piece and cut out the 14 from below bust line to hip line. I did the same with the back piece. I also took a horizontal tuck in the upper chest and back area to better fit that area of this pattern. The 5/8 FBA was still necessary and I extended the length of the bust dart as that proved to be a real issue with the wadder.

I did complete all UFO's-hemmed the KS top; sewed button on DH's shirt; sewed hook and eye on McCall's skirt.

I re-cut the front and back pieces for the Simplicity top. Ready to sew and that is where I am off to at this time. Will post photos of KS top later.

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  1. I really rarely get wadders, but lately I've had three.

  2. Oh that's too bad, but luckily it appears you have a plan to re-use it.
    That helps :))))

  3. which pattern number was that? I haven't had much luck with the last 3 or 4 simplicity patterns I've tried.

  4. I almost had one of those myself today. Who has time for wadders?

  5. Sorry it didn't work for you! I had the same experience with that pattern (if it's the one I'm thinking of) and I was determined to "make it work" because I love the fabric. I couldn't believe how huge it was and I cut my normal size. I will be cutting the next one 2 sizes smaller!


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