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Pattern fitting

I was able to cut out the two dress patterns for fitting.  I started the fitting process on Butterick 5673 first.  This is an unlined dress, suggested fabric is double knit.  I have some black double knit that I used a small portion of when making this dress.  I have some of the black and white geometric double knit from that dress left over also.  I have some other solid color double knit as well, one piece being red.  I may decide that red and black will work better together.  But for now I am thinking geometric fabric for the center pieces.

Both dresses are multi-sized with largest size being 16.  The finished bust measurement for 5673 is 38 1/2 requiring me to make 2 1/2 inch FBA.  I wish the upper size was 18 as that allows for smaller FBA adjustment.  The other fitting adjustment I made was raising the scoop neckline; this is just too low for me.  I raised it 1 1/2 inches allowing for the 5/8 seam allowance.  I made my usual 1/4 inch upper chest/back horizontal tuck.

Forward sho…

Today is Butterick Dress day

On the right side of the blog you can see my work in progress.  I am going to spend my sewing time working on fitting these two patterns and then cut out at least one.  Fitting patterns is a time chore but very important step in making anything.

Updates to follow.

Top completed

I completed the brown knit top this evening.  This is the second Pamela's Perfect T pattern completed.  This one I changed the neckline to a scoop neck.

The two other patterns I ordered from Pamela's Patterns arrived today.  I want to make the cardigan jacket soon.

I am moving forward with my plans of making a dress next.

This and that

I hope to get some productive sewing in soon.  This week has been a whirlwind of activity related to my job, working late some days and traveling requiring me to get up even earlier than I normally do and out early.

I still have neckband and hems to complete for my brown knit top that has been laying patiently on my sewing table.  I want to begin on a dress pattern next and now that the tricot lining has arrived I am ready to get started on this project.

I am still waiting for the two patterns from Pamela's Patterns that I ordered last Saturday.  I wanted to attempt to make the jacket to begin some transition sewing.

Just looked at some of the new Vogue patterns for spring last night.  There are a few I want and some I already  have a similar pattern but the use of fabric shown in the photos have given me some creative ideas as well.

I am frustrated with Blogger.  I enabled the new embedded comment feature.  Yet I have only been able to reply to embedded comments on a couple of p…

What the postman and UPS delivered

I ordered some tricot fabric from which arrived yesterday.  My next dress project using this Butterick pattern suggests lining using tricot fabric.  Not having any in my lining collection, I order four different shades of this fabric.  Two of the items are very soft and 108" wide; the other two are little different in feel and one side is rather shiny and the other side is matte and feels less soft and they are 54" wide.  All are labeled the same as 40 denier.  I have not used this type fabric in years and years; perhaps never actually.  This will be a new sewing experience.

From Fashionista Fabrics I ordered the February Burda Style magazine as I like some of the patterns others have been sewing or blogging about from this issue.  I also ordered some white with navy polka dots in cotton from the same online store.  It is lovely fabric but somewhat thinner/lighter in texture than I had thought it would be.  So I am now rethinking what I will make from it.

Still wa…

More tops

I had a J Stern knit top pattern in my pattern collection for a long time.  Yesterday I decided I wanted to try it.  I said before I started you may want to trace sizes and not cut up the pattern.  I did not listen to my inter voice.  Cut to the chase--the pattern sizes I used were way too small!  I did not want to fiddle with making a lot of adjustments.  Lesson learned.  Trace first!  Most independent patterns tend to run large on me so made that assumption with this one.  Not a good assumption.  Will order another one soon.

Thus I decided to cut out another Pamela's Perfect Knit Top.  That fit has been perfected and I tweaked a smidgen more yesterday.  Using brown knit fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that has aged appropriately, I cut out another top.  This one I am changing neckline to scoop neck, keeping 3/4 inch sleeves.

I did order two more patterns from Pamela's Patterns last night.  I have enough brown knit left to try the tank top pattern that I ordered. 

More later.

Blog background change

With the turn of the new year and heading toward spring, I thought I would change the look and colors of my blog.  It is less dark than the previous version, but the blue coloring feels good.  I will probably play around with the look of it some more.

On the sewing side of things, I found myself pulling out dress patterns once again.  I still have some tops I want to make but I am not feeling the love for knit fabrics that I have in my stash at this time.  I did pull out some blouse patterns as well.  In going through the fabric bin in my sewing room, I found some fabrics that I have purchased in the past two years or so that were purchased just to make blouses.

Who knows what will be my next project.  I don't know just yet, but I am sure it will come to me soon.

Blogger Issue

Yesterday and again this morning while attempting to read blogs, several times when I clicked on the post of a blogger, I would be taken to their blog.  The blog would appear and then go blank.  Sometimes if I clicked on the name of the blog and not the blog title I would to see and read the blog.

Is anyone else having this problem?  I know they have made some recent updates and changes to Blogger.  I only know this because on occasion I read Blogger Buzz.  I read this morning changes to comments.  Not sure that I am clearly understanding what exactly that change is but nonetheless it was the first topic for the day.

Enquiry minds need to know.

Butterick 5566 Take 2-new technique (photo heavy)

Well the second version of the pleather yoke and brown skirt is now complete, except for the hemming.
As promised here is a few photos of the technique.  This is the article below that appeared in the November issue of Threads.
Here is a photo of the darts that are sewn in the skirt front and back in the fabric and in the lining.  For the back piece, if it has a zipper you insert that before stitching the lining to skirt at the waistline. Trim waistline seams to 1/4, I only trimmed to 3/8.  Then pin darts in lining and fabric sewing them as one dart from point to point.

Here the photo shows the continuous side seams of lining and fabric:
And here is where the side seams and waistline intersect:
After sewing, I needed to tweak the fit at the waist line and all I had to do was take a deeper seam of 1/4 inch on each side to make the waist fit better.  This is a nice technique to use.  I think you are experiencing fluctuations in sizes frequently, this is a easy to fix the fit waistline a…

Sewing-this and that

I have continued to do some clearing and cleaning in the sewing room.    It is looking much better and now I feel I can start some new projects. 

I am doing a remake of this skirt.  I completed the skirt and wore it once to work.  It did not pass the wearability test at all.  I was pulling that skirt up all day and the longer the day, the looser the skirt became.  I know I skipped an important step and that was applying fusible or sew in stay tape to waist line.

The pleather front yoke has a knit backing and I think by not stabilizing that it grew!  I like the skirt pattern and made a blocked skirt in black and tan that did wear well.  So I decided to undo side seams and take deeper seams.

Well that proved to be very painful because of having to undo topstitching, under stitching, seam sewing----.  So because of my cleaning out the sewing room, I realized I had enough brown fabric and pleather just to make another skirt.  This would allow me to appropriately stabilize the waist line …

Shrug it off

I really like the eShrug pattern from Sewing Workshop.  It just doesn't work for me.  Sometime back I posted about making this shrug.  I screwed it up the first time using some inexpensive knit lace fabric.  The second was a little tight. 

Yesterday, I attempted to make the next size up, Size 2.  It was huge; I also elongated the sleeves as well as the top using the download instructions for SW to do so.    I used some knit fabric that was black, white and gray stripes; it too had been in my stash for over 8 years.  Because the shrug was so big I think I can salvage the fabric and turn it into at least a cami/tank top.  If not, I will give the shrug to Goodwill.

My next attempt was to draft the pattern between Size 1 and Size 2.  In the end, this was a better fit, but the back, no matter what version I use hikes up in the back and just does not fit around the back of the neck well.  I have decided that 4 attempts is enough.  There are some other patterns out there that I think wi…

Cleaned up and ready to go

We have a very bad viral sickness around town.  Of course I contracted it the latter part of my vacation.  I have had laryngitis for days.  I finally had to go to doctor and get some medicine.  I haven't really felt too bad with this.  I can tell the medication is helping but still have a squeaky voice.

Because I am feeling better, I have regained some of my energy as well.  With renewed energy I was highly motivated to clean up my sewing room.  I have a very compact small sewing room.  A lot of things I store under my cutting table.  I had just been piling stuff on top of stuff until it was a chore to get what I needed.

I pulled out everything under the table; packed things into some plastic containers and rearranged the "mess".  I was amazed at what I had purchased and not done anything with a lot of the stuff.  So one affirmation for this new year is I will not buy new sewing gadgets on a whim.  Also I will not talk myself into sewing projects that I know I will never…

Looking forward to weekend

Boy, when you have been off from work for a week and then return to a four day work week, those four days are sooooooo longgggggggg!  I am awaiting two new patterns, one of which is a coordinate pattern that I plan to build a storyboard around for the SWAP 2012 over at Stitcher's Guild.  I am way behind already.

I have a few more knit tops to make and will try to coordinate one of those into the SWAP as well.  Having trouble determining color scheme and theme.


Productive day for my last day off

Today has been very productive sewing wise.  I decided to make another Vogue 8669 now that I have got the pattern tweaked to for a better fit.  I had some black crepe knit in my stash, acquired from Les Fabrique in Charlottesville, VA.  It is at least three years old.  I love the rich black color of this knit and the texture.  I had enough of this fabric to make two tops.  So the second top I made was Pamela's Perfect T-shirt pattern #104.

I was surprised about the fit of the Pamela's Pattern.  I had made one from this pattern before, but it was huge.  I decided to give it a try again though and went with the small due to high bust measurement and then made a one inch FBA.  This turned out well.  I did use the front pattern piece with the dart.  This resulted in a good fit.

I wear a lot of black for my job.  I never seem to have enough black tops., either RTW or custom made by me.   One of my favorite black tops is one I made from a Sandra Betzina pattern that it is now lookin…

Happy New Year

Just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!


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