Cleaned up and ready to go

We have a very bad viral sickness around town.  Of course I contracted it the latter part of my vacation.  I have had laryngitis for days.  I finally had to go to doctor and get some medicine.  I haven't really felt too bad with this.  I can tell the medication is helping but still have a squeaky voice.

Because I am feeling better, I have regained some of my energy as well.  With renewed energy I was highly motivated to clean up my sewing room.  I have a very compact small sewing room.  A lot of things I store under my cutting table.  I had just been piling stuff on top of stuff until it was a chore to get what I needed.

I pulled out everything under the table; packed things into some plastic containers and rearranged the "mess".  I was amazed at what I had purchased and not done anything with a lot of the stuff.  So one affirmation for this new year is I will not buy new sewing gadgets on a whim.  Also I will not talk myself into sewing projects that I know I will never do.

Now that I have cleaned up the room, I am now motivated to tackle some more sewing projects.



  1. Good for you Linda! I recently did that too and donated 3 boxes of stuff to the thrift store. Life is to short to be dragging around fabric that we don't love and won't use! Hope you feel better and your voice returns soon!

  2. Oh so you're a gadget person like me. I love them. Get well soon please!

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I also recently cleaned my sewing room which is also compact and surprised at what I uncovered during the clean up. Gadgets keep my sewing
    motivation going, but realizing I have one too many.

  4. I am glad that you are feeling better. I know what you mean about buying sewing related items that you may never use, I intend to donate or give away fabrics and gadgets that I may never sew or use.

  5. Good luck with those affirmations! What I'm trying to do when I have an impulse to buy/make something is just to wait a couple of days and see if that impulse lessens. Then if I still can't get it off my mind, I go for it.

  6. Love those mantras! The second one is especially relevant to me--I know I don't want to sew a suit, so I need to stop buying suit patterns!


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