Blogger Issue

Yesterday and again this morning while attempting to read blogs, several times when I clicked on the post of a blogger, I would be taken to their blog.  The blog would appear and then go blank.  Sometimes if I clicked on the name of the blog and not the blog title I would to see and read the blog.

Is anyone else having this problem?  I know they have made some recent updates and changes to Blogger.  I only know this because on occasion I read Blogger Buzz.  I read this morning changes to comments.  Not sure that I am clearly understanding what exactly that change is but nonetheless it was the first topic for the day.

Enquiry minds need to know.


  1. Maddening! I just had my own issues with Blogger. After trying many fixes, I installed Google Chrome browser, and it fixed all of the Blogger issues as well as some other computer problems I was having.

  2. People were telling me this weekend that they couldn't add a comment on my blog. One reader told me they installed Chrome and the problem went away. I think it's a browser issue. I had DH try on his computer with firefox and he had problems until he installed the latest update.

  3. I haven't had any problems since I switched over to Google Chrome too. So sorry about this but when I read Blogger Buzz about the comments, they are making comments work like they do on wordpress. You can now reply to a comment left on your post.

  4. Yes, someone left a comment on my blog this weekend and it was interleaved. It blew me away! Also the font for the comments is larger and different. It's disconcerting.

    I use Firefox and I saw that happen once (with the blog disappearing) and I look at a lot of blogs.

  5. sometimes I can leave comments to blogs and sometimes I get a blank page ???


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