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And then, there was no power

I was really on a sewing roll yesterday.  After trying on the dress with side seams basted, I liked the fit of the dress and proceeded to attach the collar and lining. That done, I tried on the dress again to see how the collar was going to be. 

The pattern calls for the collar to be folded down so the edge of the collar is even with the neckline seam.  I did not like that as I found the collar to stand to high on my neck that way.  I decided to fold it down further and pressed it that way.  I liked the outcome.  Now I have to find the right button for the collar and since I am using the sleeve with cuff, need coordinating buttons for that as well.

So on to sewing the sleeves--the sleeve underarm seam is sewn.  The cuffs were fused with interfacing and then stitched and turned.  I then pinned them to the sleeve edge for sewing.  I decided it was break time and after a shower, then I could resume sewing.

And then, the power went out.  Yesterday was thus far one of the hottest days of …

NL6000-Collar basted to dress


Sewing holiday

I love holiday weekends!  Time to rest, play and sew.

I have made great progress with NL6000.  One night last week while drifting off to sleep, I had the thought that I should add a lining to this dress.  The red/white houndstooth fabric ravels a lot; and I thought that a lining would help with some stability and protection of the serged seams.  I did not want to do a Hong Kong finish.  So Friday evening I cut out the lining fabric.

Yesterday AM and evening I sewed the lining fabric first for test fitting.  I then started on sewing the dress stopping when all darts were sewn.  This AM I inserted the invisible zipper completed the back seam sewing, sewed the shoulders and have now basted the side seams for a fitting of the actual dress.

Sewing to resume later today. 

Yesterday while out and about doing some shopping, I stopped at JoAnn's to pick up a red zipper for the dress.  While there Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5 and took advantage of that sale to pick up a couple of pat…

New Look 6000

I fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it on MushyWear blogspot.   She also reviewed it on Pattern Review.  Yet, I am not going to make the side pleated version yet.  I am going to make the sheath style with front side and waist darts. I am going to use the collar and the 3/4 sleeves.

I wanted to use this pattern for the red and white houndstooth fabric that is a cotton blend from Vogue fabrics acquired earlier this year.  I want to save the pleated version for a solid color.  I have some red shoes I am dying to wear and have put off wearing them as I want to wear them first with this completed dress.  The shoes were my first purchase from Zappos!  Love that site and their service.

I spent most all day yesterday pin fitting the pattern and making adjustments.  I still was making more adjustments today.  After lunch I cut out the fabric and have the sewing/serger machines threaded and ready to go.

You can get a glimpse of the fabric and pattern in the top right hand WIP phot…

Without further comments

Here are a few photos of the finally completed Butterick 5460 jacket and dress:

And without jacket:

So glad to get this completed.  I just could not move on from this until done.

Jacket with buttons

Work, work and no play makes me a little cranky! 

First I took my sewing machine in for general tune up and got it back on Wednesday.  Put the machine on sewing table and have not had an opportunity to go to the room and actually do anything sewing related since. 

So after dinner tonight, I spent time getting my machine back in place in the sewing table; and then cut open the buttonhole and sewed the button on the jacket.  I then decided to go with my design idea of sewing smaller buttons on the collar.  Here is a photo of the jacket with buttons.  In the photo I had not sewn the buttons on the collar, but you get the idea of what it is looking like.

Tomorrow, I will pin fit the NL dress pattern and move forward with getting the fabric cut out and begin the sewing process.  So looking forward to some sewing time.

It's a jacket

The jacket is complete except for sewing on the button.  I am letting the Fray Block dry so I can cut out the buttonhole and then line up the placement for the button.

I was so happy that I had the perfect button(s) in my collection.  It is a beautiful green button with a gold ball sitting in the center of the button.  I also had two more of the same button in a smaller size, so I plan to attach those to the collar points as a decorative touch to the jacket.  The addition of these buttons will just be perfect with the dress as well.  I am really excited that I had those buttons, normally I get to this point and then have to go searching high and low to acquire the right button.

My sewing plans for today were a little ambitious giving the current need to rest my wrist/hand.  I did wear the brace today while sewing as much as possible. I covered it with a piece of dry cleaning bag to keep the Velcro from touching what it shouldn't while sewing.  But I began to feel the twinges and k…

Sewing Weekend

I was able, or perhaps I should say I allowed time for me, to sew Friday evening after shopping and dinner with DH.  I started on the green silk/rayon jacket that will go with the newly completed dress; all from Butterick 5460.I have to pace my sewing as my tendonitis in left wrist has flared up again.  I got another cortisone shot yesterday and was advised to not overdo the use of my left hand/wrist for a few days.  Wearing the wrist/thumb brace with Velcro fastenings can lead to fabric picking.  So of course fabric wins out over wearing the brace while sewing!This AM I sewed some more on the jacket and I should complete it later today.  There are not that many pieces to attach; this will be an immediate gratification project.I really like the fabric I am using and wished I had purchased more in another color.  I think there is still some fabric available from Sawyer Brook.  I have to say that the drape of the fabric works well with this jacket style.During the week, I took time to t…

Patterns for Sale

Go to "Patterns for Sale" page to get the link to new patterns posted for sale.  I reduced prices on some other patterns.

Jacket ready to sew

I finished the pattern fitting for the jacket for B5460.  I used some pattern fitting adjustments learned at the Cynthia Guffey class last Saturday.  The fabric has been cut out and machine is now set up for sewing. 

I made a few additional tweaks with the dress from this pattern.  I just did not like how the neckline was laying.  I took deeper darts at the front neckline.  I also took a deeper seam allowance from the waist to bottom of hip.  I don't wear many dresses with a defined waist line.  I like sheath style dresses better on me.  So this dress with it's waist feels funny.  I am looking for a brown belt that I would like to wear with this dress.  I think the contrast may give me a more defined waist.

I also cut around pattern pieces for New Look 6000.  I have a red and white houndstooth fabric that I want to make up into a dress; I want to try the waist/side dart dress first and then want to make the other dress style after this.  I have some new red shoes and though I…

Is this the right jacket?

My plans were to make the jacket that is included in this pattern.  I am not sure that I really like this jacket; I do like that it is loose and not so fitted particularly when the weather gets warmer. The fabric I am going to use is this one from Sawyer Brook, a silk rayon woven. 

 I fell in love with this fabric the first time I saw it on the website.  I acquired this piece in January/February during one of their sales.  It is perfect with the fabric used in recently as well as another piece or two I have in collection to sew this spring/summer.
I am just not sure if this is the right jacket for me.  Sometimes I think I look lost in this types of jackets-that is those with drop or no shoulders.  Yet another jacket I am drawn to is similar.  Decisions, decisions.
More later.

It’s a Dress

I will say that the dress is complete except for hemming and stitching down the facings, and adding hook and eye.I made many fitting adjustments to this dress; I am glad that the dress had so many darts as this aided in the ability to make adjustments in numerous areas.  There are front and back neck darts, side bust dart, front and back bodice waist darts, and front and back skirt waist darts.I think the pattern runs a little large and then I used some larger sizing than probably I needed to.  Nonetheless, I now have a good fit.  I did not take photos of me wearing the dress, not a day for me to do that.Here is shot of the front and back of the dress on a hanger:I also attached the snaps to the KS Jacket using Snap Source Snap Tool Setter.And parting shots of the patterns I purchased yesterday at the Cynthia Guffey sewing event sponsored by our local ASG.


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