And then, there was no power

I was really on a sewing roll yesterday.  After trying on the dress with side seams basted, I liked the fit of the dress and proceeded to attach the collar and lining. That done, I tried on the dress again to see how the collar was going to be. 

The pattern calls for the collar to be folded down so the edge of the collar is even with the neckline seam.  I did not like that as I found the collar to stand to high on my neck that way.  I decided to fold it down further and pressed it that way.  I liked the outcome.  Now I have to find the right button for the collar and since I am using the sleeve with cuff, need coordinating buttons for that as well.

So on to sewing the sleeves--the sleeve underarm seam is sewn.  The cuffs were fused with interfacing and then stitched and turned.  I then pinned them to the sleeve edge for sewing.  I decided it was break time and after a shower, then I could resume sewing.

And then, the power went out.  Yesterday was thus far one of the hottest days of the year and a holiday too boot!  No power for over three hours!  My sewing mojo was tampered.  Fortunately the hot water tank was quite full so got in the shower.

Once power was restored, it was time to crank up the grill and cook dinner.  I then had to write and submit a report for work. 

So the dress needs sleeves, buttons and a hem.  I really am liking the look of this dress and adding a lining was the perfect thing to do.  Maybe the sleeves will get inserted sometime during the week, having a long holiday weekend helps to rejuvenate me so I feel a balance between work and play.


  1. What a bummer about the power, but so glad that overall you feel rejuvenated. Have a great week!


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