It’s a Dress

I will say that the dress is complete except for hemming and stitching down the facings, and adding hook and eye.

I made many fitting adjustments to this dress; I am glad that the dress had so many darts as this aided in the ability to make adjustments in numerous areas.  There are front and back neck darts, side bust dart, front and back bodice waist darts, and front and back skirt waist darts.

I think the pattern runs a little large and then I used some larger sizing than probably I needed to.  Nonetheless, I now have a good fit.  I did not take photos of me wearing the dress, not a day for me to do that.

Here is shot of the front and back of the dress on a hanger:

B5460 front hangingB5460 Back close up

I also attached the snaps to the KS Jacket using Snap Source Snap Tool Setter.

Jacket with snaps attached 5111

And parting shots of the patterns I purchased yesterday at the Cynthia Guffey sewing event sponsored by our local ASG.

CG J5041CG 2025CG J5054


  1. You seem to have made a great job with all those darts. Darts are great for fitting but I always feel awkward manipulating them.
    Such a shame thet we don't have anything like Cynthia Guffey seminars in France.
    Hope you'll soon be able to model the dress, the fabric is soattractive.

  2. Love the fabric in your dress. And I've used that snap tool many times. Never had a snap come out. I'll be looking for garments made from those new patterns!

  3. Yay! A new dress that fits well for the wardrobe. That always feels so good. Can't wait to see it on you. The snaps look like a perfect match for your jacket too.


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