It's a jacket

The jacket is complete except for sewing on the button.  I am letting the Fray Block dry so I can cut out the buttonhole and then line up the placement for the button.

I was so happy that I had the perfect button(s) in my collection.  It is a beautiful green button with a gold ball sitting in the center of the button.  I also had two more of the same button in a smaller size, so I plan to attach those to the collar points as a decorative touch to the jacket.  The addition of these buttons will just be perfect with the dress as well.  I am really excited that I had those buttons, normally I get to this point and then have to go searching high and low to acquire the right button.

My sewing plans for today were a little ambitious giving the current need to rest my wrist/hand.  I did wear the brace today while sewing as much as possible. I covered it with a piece of dry cleaning bag to keep the Velcro from touching what it shouldn't while sewing.  But I began to feel the twinges and knew it was time to rest.

So I have not started on the fitting of the New Look pattern and probably will not get around to it today.

Tomorrow I take my sewing machine in for a general maintenance and should have it back on Tuesday.  I really hate being parted from any of my sewing equipment.  But I am sure it can use the tune-up. 

More later.

P.S.-thank you to those who recently enquired and purchased a few of the patterns I posted.  Thanks Mary for tip on covering the wrist brace.


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