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Clothing Labels

I am looking for a good source for garment/clothing labels.  I was ordering from a source on Etsy; this person is rarely available now.   Though she did indicate one could email her personally.  Unfortunately I don't have any receipts with her personal email on it.  So-----please share with me your source for your garment labels if you are using them. 


Second Jalie 2921

Well Jalie top number one is complete and will be given to Goodwill.  The neckline is just too low for me and attempts to adjust did not work for me.  I made additional adjustments to the pattern pieces-raising the neckline, taking a 1/4 inch horizontal tuck in upper front and back, adjusted the mark on collar to match new raised front neckline and trimmed off 3/8 inches of back width from side seams and through back armscye. I also added a little width to the sleeve just because it has potential to be too snug.

I decided to pull out another knit fabric that I just learned prior to typing this post that I had acquired this from EOS in October 2007.  It is a buttermilk knit. Obviously it has aged enough to be used.  As you can see below it is a black, yellow, white and gray fabric.
I cut out the fabric and have sewn the collar and shoulder seams; attached the collar to the neckline of the bodice and sewn the center seam.  I can tell just from a quick try on that this will be a better fit…

Jalie 2921

I cut out and started sewing the Jalie top yesterday.  I love the collar and the way they have you attach it. As others mentioned on PR, you need to follow the instructions and it will all work out correctly.  It did.

I read numerous reviews at PR as I know some sewists had issues with the collar-either too long, or not laying correctly at back neck.  For me I should have raised the front neckline about 3/4 of inch as I find it a little low.  Depending on how I tie the tie collar it helps camouflage this.    I will adjust the pattern piece to fix this for the next one.

As with most patterns but particularly with Jalie the back is always rather large and long on me. I ended up cutting out 3/8 inch in the back armsyce area.  I also found I could take a deeper than 1/4 inch seam from under the arms down.  The sleeves on the other hand seem to run small and using 1/4 inch seam allowance for them is necessary.  Overall I am pleased with the outcome and will wear this top with some addition…

More fabric arrived today

I decided to order another few fabric pieces.  My Vogue Fabric subscription came up for renewal and while online renewing that I decided to order some fabrics from their Early Spring 2011 Mailing.  Their theme for this mailing was a tribute to Coco Chanel.I ordered fabrics that I intend to make up into dresses and one is for a blouse or shell or both.This is a cotton-rayon spandex that my thought when seeing it was a sleeveless dress with waistline and I would wear a belt with it.This red/white houndstooth will become a princess seamed dress; maybe with in seam pockets.  I just ordered and received a pair of red patent leather pumps from  This is a lovely polyester fabric in French blue, with gray and black.  I could not get a true color of the blue-gray with my camera; even with editing I did not achieve the beautiful color blue in the actual piece.  I ordered enough for a blouse and hopefully a shell top.I am off now to pin fit a Jalie pattern-2921 to make a top from this…

Wearing KS 3764

I took the opportunity yesterday to pose for photos of me wearing the completed KS 3764 jacket.  I still have to get snaps for the bottom waistband.  I am wearing clothes for work so this is not a planned outfit just only to see how the jacket looks when wearing. 

I learned a lot from the making of this jacket and should I make it again I would do some things different with the front closing zipper.  It works as per the instructions but I think I would prefer the zipper to go the full length of the front lapel.  Enough said.

My next project is going to be a knit top, hopefully a quick and immediate gratification project.  More updates later.

Yippee! The jacket is complete...

Jacket is complete except for the snap at the bottom band.  This took a long time to finish.  I am glad that it is done.  Once I attached the snap I will take some photos of me wearing it.  I decided not to attach the epaulets at the shoulders.  I think the jacket has enough exposures of zippers and the like without adding those.  Here is a parting shot of the jacket hanging.  Next up will be a few knit tops and some dresses.

Quick update

I trimmed out the armscye in back and front on the jacket bodice.  I re-attached the sleeves and I have a much better fitting jacket.  I can see the end in sight!  So many sewing ideas and so little time.  Taking advantage of 10 incremental minutes to work on this.

Response to pattern info questions

Gail enquired about the pattern I am working on.
Linda, which pattern are you using for this jacket, please? I just never know what you're working on! Thx.

Gail D.

I forgot I changed the WIP photo on the right that showed the actual pattern.  The pattern is KS 3764

Progress but not complete

I had hoped that I would finish the jacket today; but I am not going to finish it up.  After inserting the sleeves and basting the side seams for fitting, I decided that I needed to tweak the fit in the upper back area as it was too wide as the armscyce was not falling into the right place.  I did some more basting in the back as well as front armscye areas.  I decided I needed to scoop out about 1/2 inch in the back and about 3/8 in the front.

Having to do some household chores as well as prepare some items for dinner, the jacket is again waiting for me.  So I have to reattach the sleeves, sew side seams, attach waistband, and attach snaps and it it done!!!!

There are really a lot of moving parts with this jacket.  My next jacket is going to be a simple and easy one to tackle-I hope and that's the plan.

Gorgeous Fabrics

Here are my recent purchases from Gorgeous Fabrics that I have not shown you yet.  Both are cotton stretch fabrics.
They will be used to make a McCall's dress that has contrasting fabric.  When that will happen to be determined.

Reviving project

After grocery shopping last evening and eating pizza out for dinner, I felt like doing some sewing. When I left off from sewing last I had attached the collar and the front/back facings. The jacket needed a good pressing; once I did this, I then topstitched the collar and front facing edges. I again used the rayon embroidery thread to do the topstitching. It is really hard to capture the topstitching in the photo due to the background of the fabric. In real life, it shows up much better.

I then interfaced the sleeve facing piece that is stitched to the right side of jacket sleeve. This creates the lining for the insertion of the zippers at the sleeve hemline.

Now that I have installed several zippers for this project, I feel very comfortable with the last two to be inserted. I did decide to take a break as I was beginning to feel tired and knew this was when I could easily make a mistake. So will resume sewing today.

Final steps to completion:
1. Insert sleeve zippers, sew elbow dart

Resuming regular broadcast! and Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and concern.  The funeral for my MIL was on Tuesday and it went well.  Today DH and I are starting to feel more normal now, returning to work helped put us back on track.  We still have some things to take care of but need the upcoming weekend for R&R.

I am looking forward to the weekend to rest and to sew.  I know I am returning to a more normal state of mind when I am able to once again think about sewing and actually plan my next projects.  I should be able to finish the KS jacket this weekend.  I have to say I am truly pleased with the pattern and how the jacket is shaping up.

I had ordered some fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics prior to the family issues and have yet to take photos of the fabric to share with you.  Of course they are gorgeous and I ordered with making a dress.  More about that later.

Update 3-6-2011

I have been MIA.  I want to thank everyone for your comments, thoughts and prayers.  My DH and DSIL made a courageous decision to have their mother removed from the ventilator based on the negative prognosis and a face of reality of her situation.  She passed away several hours later in no pain and with dignity and her family beside her.  I commend the nurses and doctors for the care they gave her and our family.

We have spent time each day traveling back and forth dealing with funeral arrangements and the like.  The funeral will be graveside on Tuesday.

Life is a little upside down at this time.  Today we are staying at home and taking care of day to day tasks that have been pushed aside.  Again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Me-Made-March 2011-March 1

In addition to the McCall's jacket noted in my earlier post from this AM, I wore the dress I made from the same fabric.  You can see the two here on AlmaMarie.  I actually made this jacket and dress in Oct.'07!  Wow-it is going on 4 years old!  The dress is a Vogue pattern and I made a second dress in wool crepe from that pattern.

The fabric is an embossed polyester that looks like a skin or leather of some sort.  I actually saw this same fabric in a beautiful blue color about a year ago and now I wish I had purchased it.  I acquired this from a store called Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd, VA.

Interestingly, the same jacket has shown up in a Simplicity pattern that I acquired last year.  The dress shown with that jacket is a nice sheath style dress. 

Today I did not wear anything that I made, but my plans for tomorrow include a top and skirt that I made recently.  More later.

McCall's Jacket

Pinned Close
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl My Me-Made-March garment for March 1 was this jacket. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of my dress and jacket together when I wore it yesterday.

No progress

I have not been able to do more with my February Jacket of the Month.  My MIL continues to be in critical condition in the hospital and prognosis is still not good.  So my focus is and needs to be elsewhere as we go through this family health issue.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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