Reviving project

After grocery shopping last evening and eating pizza out for dinner, I felt like doing some sewing. When I left off from sewing last I had attached the collar and the front/back facings. The jacket needed a good pressing; once I did this, I then topstitched the collar and front facing edges. I again used the rayon embroidery thread to do the topstitching. It is really hard to capture the topstitching in the photo due to the background of the fabric. In real life, it shows up much better.

I then interfaced the sleeve facing piece that is stitched to the right side of jacket sleeve. This creates the lining for the insertion of the zippers at the sleeve hemline.

Now that I have installed several zippers for this project, I feel very comfortable with the last two to be inserted. I did decide to take a break as I was beginning to feel tired and knew this was when I could easily make a mistake. So will resume sewing today.

Final steps to completion:
1. Insert sleeve zippers, sew elbow dart
2. Attach sleeve to jacket
3. Sew side seams
4. Attach lower band to jacket
5. Attach snaps or button on jacket band
6. Decide whether to attach epaulets or not.
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  1. Linda, which pattern are you using for this jacket, please? I just never know what you're working on! Thx.

    Gail D.


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